Painted by top graffiti artist Dan Kitchener, the Tokyo streetscape takes up the entire back wall

When even the shutters are emblazoned with murals, it’s little surprise that NoHo is serious about its art. But its latest addition is arguably the most impressive yet: a technicolour Tokyo streetscape by renowned graffitist Dan Kitchener, which occupies the entire back wall.

Jammily named TokyoHo, the atmospheric vista depicts a rainy night in Japan’s capital city - renowned for its neon skyscrapers and nonstop entertainment - and is designed to be seen in low light, as NoHo doesn’t open til 5pm. As a result, it’s super high contrast and has an almost 3D effect (which particularly pops when you’ve had a cocktail or two…)

Noho Mural Close Up 1 Noho Mural Close Up 2

Inspired by the cartoons and comics he loved as a child, Kitchener’s colossal city scenes have taken him across the world - from Hong Kong to Kazakhstan and America - and he’s been featured in many prestigious exhibitions; particularly impressive considering he didn’t pick up a spray can until relatively recently. But TokyoHo is his first Manchester piece, and it’s hard to think of a better place for it than NoHo: an institution inspired by the ultimate of big cities, New York.

No Ho Mural Wide Shot

Set in a Grade II-listed building, with high ceilings and exposed pipework, this indie hangout was serving up the holy trinity (great cocktails, top weekend tunes and exciting art) long before Stevenson Square became the liveliest spot in the Northern Quarter. Buzzy and bohemian, it’s the perfect place to sink into your seat or dance the night away, while enjoying some of the finest cocktails around. 

Now, with an incredible new mural to check out, there’s no better time to visit. 

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