What you can do as well as your one walk a day…

If you are a dog owner, it’s likely that social distancing hasn't had too much of a negative impact on your pet – in fact, they’re probably overjoyed to have you at home more often. Obviously you will need to make sure you have enough food and water for them (plus treats), as well as adequate bedding and, if your pet requires regular medication, enough for the period of isolation.

But apart from walking and cuddles, there are lots of other ways you can keep you both active and occupied. Looks like you can teach an old dog new tricks...

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Ok, we’re starting with the obvious, but we’re all allowed out once a day for a walk as long as we comply with guidelines to stay two metres apart. Don’t underestimate the power of a walk to tire out your dog. If your dog is trained off-lead, use the opportunity on your one walk a day to grab a tennis ball and head to a nature trail (assuming nobody else is nearby). Dogs will never ever get bored of running after a tennis ball. Minimise the strain on your arm with a ball launcher.


Agility training sets. If you’ve got a high-energy puppy that’s totally food obsessed, agility training is easier than you’d think. If you’re creative, you can set markers, hoops and ramps up in your back garden or you can find a really easy agility set like this one online.

Set them up all over the garden, and take it one trick at a time.

Make sure you’ve got PLENTY of treats to keep your dog interested in going through that hoop constantly. By the time we’re all allowed out again, you’ll be Crufts-ready.

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Games and toys

An automatic ball launcher works inside or outside as you can change the distance and angles that it launches the ball at. Stick the tennis ball in, and it shoots out the side. Once your dog starts to understand the concept of this, they’ll learn to put the tennis ball straight in themselves. Job done! You no longer have to worry about that tennis-elbow. You can get one here.

Sniff and seek 

Get yourself a foraging snuffle mat (this is perfect for Daschunds and small breeds that love to bury their noses). Hide treats inside each small slot, and you’ve got a distracted puppy for HOURS. Make sure to keep an eye on them though. You can get one here.

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The Stair Master

Get one person to stand at the top of the stairs with your dog’s favourite squeaky toy, and another at the bottom (with their second favourite toy). Let your puppy choose! Ideally, they’ll just keep running between you. Not recommended on hard-floor staircases…


This could supply hours of unrelenting fun…for them, rather than you. BUT, unless you’re able to get yourself into a comfortable position on the couch, one hand on your iPhone and the other hand flopped to the floor with the toy… you can now get suction cup tugtoys. Stick it to the hard floor and watch your puppy endlessly trying to get it off the ground. You can find one here.

Puzzle feeders

If you’ve got a smart dog who is totally food-obsessed, this is definitely one for them. There are tons of these on Amazon, ranging from really simple to REALLY complicated. Hide their treats inside, and let your pup figure out each puzzle to find the treat. We like this one and this one too. 

Teach an old dog new tricks… or a new dog new tricks… whatever

All you need is yourself and a big bag of treats, and constant appraisal (but to be fair, that’s basically how we work too). It’s a great way to keep your puppy’s mind working away. 

Anyway, here’s another one of our favourite tricks to teach. 

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Need a rest after all that playtime?

Having a puppy in the house can be like having a child. You always feel as though you should be entertaining them. But don’t be afraid to give yourself a break too. If your dog is crate-trained already, they won’t mind going in there for an hour or two with their favourite Kong (we love this one), obviously stuffed with Mutt Butter (don’t give them human peanut butter) or just let them have some rest time to themselves.

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