Aperitivo plus Apericena, what’s not to like?

WE like Wednesdays. Not only have we made it beyond halfway through the working week, we also get to go to Veeno for their Apericena Evening, when unlimited Italian buffet food is ours for the taking.

The mid-week special sees us salivate as the spread of Italian delicacies is laid out – the selection includes nibbles like crunchy breadsticks and succulent olives, authentic cured meat and artisan cheeses imported from suppliers and specialists in the foodie regions of Northern Italy, summer-flavour-packed tomato and mozzarella salad, punchy pasta with pesto sauce, and even homemade slices of crispy-based pizza.

2019 06 24 Veeno Apericena

On Wednesday at Veeno Italian wine café, you can dig into this tasty buffet food – called Apericena in Italian – at will if you buy a drink – or Aperitivo – any time between 5pm and 8pm. The Aperitivo culture is a tradition deeply rooted in the Italian culture, and Veeno’s owners are encouraging the relaxed start to the evening here in Manchester. A gathering with friends and family to enjoy drinks and food together, it’s the perfect way to ease yourself from the working day into more relaxed downtime before heading off home.

Aperitivo plus Apericena, really what’s not to like?

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