Traditional Fish and Chips done properly

Fish & Chips are a British institution. Happy, hazy memories of vinegar-infused condensation misting up the car windows, post-swimming lesson chippy teas with the tang of chlorine mingling gloriously with wafts of fried cod. It would be fair to say that fish & chips are 50% mood, 50% food. Remove the rose-tinted specs for a moment and it’s rare the greasy halo keeps its glow.  

Cold, clammy chips or slobbery batter clinging limply to a tired haddock are an almost unbearable disappointment when they come up against the unlikely perfection of nostalgic expectation. (There are worse things at the moment to be fair, but it’s the little things that break us.)

Then there are those chippies that gives us those happy memories in the first place. That’s why we keep on chasing the elusive Fish & Chip perfection – when things really were as good as we remembered. We all have our favourites – Atkinson’s in Morecambe, Arnside Chip Shop in er…Arnside, Foster’s in Alderley Edge and of course Wrights in Manchester. Wright’s is on Cross Street so you don’t have to search very far. 

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The holy trinity of crisp batter filled – and that means FILLED – by fish so fresh it’s almost swimming and an accompaniment of chips so divine it seems like the reason for the potato’s very existence is just a Deliveroo driver’s scooter brrrmm away. Or pop out to pick them up and find your appetite increased by the incomparable eau de fish and chips. Everyone’s favourite perfume if they’d only admit it.

Wrights is traditional and all the better for it. Fish and chips is not something that needs deconstructing or messing about with. Just plenty of salt and vinegar and a side of mushy peas please.

You’ll find cod, haddock, fishcakes, scampi, battered sausages, fish supper butties, meat and potato pies, steak and kidney puddings and everything you need to make your own perfect chippy tea.

At Wright’s you’ll find that today’s Fish & Chips are the future’s happy, hazy memories of chippy visits with a rosy glow of nostalgia and magic. 

Find Wright's at 86 Cross St, Greater, Manchester M2 4LA, order on Deliveroo, or pop in to order and collect. Click here to see the menu.

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