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The 'most romantic restaurant' doesn't disappoint

STEPPING inside Don Giovanni, it's not hard to see why it was named 'Most Romantic Restaurant' by the English Italian awards. With its crisp white tablecloths, fresh flowers, glittering glassware, and marble-topped cocktail bar, it's an elegant, glamorous destination for a date. The kind of restaurant you can dress up for, it's ideal for a Valentine's dinner that you want to feel special but not too formal

We had a sneak preview of their Valentine's Menu last week, and wish someone was taking us there on the 14th so we could devour it all again. Italian food is romantic by default, and when it's presented with like this, it looks the part too.

At four courses for £49.50pp, including a glass of rose prosecco with 23ct gold leaf, it's a real 'occasion' meal. The portions were generous, with rich, expensive ingredients (and no supplements for the more lavish options such as steak and lobster).

It felt like they'd pulled out all the stops, which is exactly what you want from a Valentine's dinner. Whether you're out to impress someone new, or to treat your long-suffering partner to the kind of attention they deserve, this is an excellent choice. 

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 Burrata di San Daniele

This had a smoky, almost sultry, nutty taste. Very creamy, the Burrata was a smooth, suave gent who had us at the first bite.

Dongiovanni Valentines17 3


In an ode to Aphrodite herself, the scallops came perfectly seared and served on their shell. The caper puree provided rich, dense flavours. Saucy.

Dongiovanni Valentines17 6

Insalata Di Aragosta

This tower of avocado and fresh lobster was a work of art. A fresh, palette cleanser with a citrus dressing, it was a striking dish.

Dongiovanni Valentines17 8 2


Filleto di Manzo

What Valentine's Day comes without steak? In this case, it was an 8oz British fillet steak served with smooth butter sage mash. The truffle shavings took the dish to another level.

Dongiovanni Valentines17 31

Branzino Zafferano

We loved this wild seabass, served on a bed of baby spinach and Jersey potatoes with a delicate lobster broth. The skin was crispy and lightly salted, and the fish beneath was flaky and light on the palette. A delicate, subtle dish to savour.

Dongiovanni Valentines17 30

Linguine Coda di Rospo e Vongole

A fragrant dish packed with a medley of seafood in a sweet, cherry vine tomato sauce. The clams and Scottish monkfish tail elevated a simple pasta dish into an indulgent treat. 

Dongiovanni Valentines17 23

Risotto Funghi Tartuffo Bianco 

Creamy not stodgy (you wouldn’t want that on a date) this risotto was a delight. Truffle shavings and aged parmesan gave it a luxury quality.

Dongiovanni Valentines17 15


Tris Di Dolci

 This dessert featured mini panna cotta, tiramisu and profiteroles. The panna cotta was so smooth, it was sexy. Think rich, dense, and clinging to the fork. The profiteroles burst with fresh cream and a punchy cherry sauce. The tiramisu was wonderful, as you'd expect. The perfect end to a superb meal.

The Valentine's menu is available at Don Giovanni on Tuesday 14 February from 7pm, priced at £49.50 for four courses and a glass of rose prosecco. Advance bookings only. Book a table.

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