Write The Pen and Pencil at the top of your going out list

The Pen and Pencil is at the heart of the Northern Quarter – and that’s not just geographically speaking.

 It has the atmosphere, the energy and, most importantly, the cracking food and drink, to put the area on the map all by itself. If the area weren’t already on the map in big bold letters.

 A relaxing afternoon spot with the pooch and a pint? The Pen and Pencil is a top choice. Feeling fragile brunch with friends that seems to set the whole day to rights. Yep. It’s the Pen and Pencil again. A civilised meal that turns into all-night cocktails and mischief. That’s the Pen and Pencil all over.

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So whether you’re after a thrifty £10 lunch offer that’s both an absolute banger and an absolute bargain or a no-holds-barred evening of food and drink indulgence, write the Pen and Pencil at the top of your list.

 Signature breakfasts (vegan and veggie versions too), nduja potato hash with poached eggs, American pancakes with maple syrup, New Yorker chicken and a mighty king of America burger – it’s like Brooklyn came to Blighty. For which we are forever grateful.

 As for the drinks, the cocktails are something else. The violet lady or the smoked pineapple marg nail the New York speakeasy style but with an easy confidence that is pure Manchester.

 Go for happy hour, Mon-Fri from 5pm and stay for hours, and hours.

Find The Pen and Pencil at Fourways House, 57 Hilton St, Manchester M1 2EJ or click here to find out more.