No cheese, no corn, just really good tapas

YOU love someone (congratulations) but you really don't love Valentine's Day.

It's 50% the cringe factor of it all, and 50% the feeling that you've never been so unoriginal and commercially-brainwashed in your entire life.

And yet, there's a part of you that just wants to go out and enjoy yourself in a coupley way, because hey it's your right. One way to do it without any of the naffness or faff is to go somewhere like Porta in Salford, which is doing Valentine's Day but in a very low-key, simple way.

2020 02 03 Porta 3 Dishes And Wine

There'll be no 'fizz', no cheese, no corn, just some really good tapas. The menu is the same as every night (which means it'll be excellent). The prices are the same, too. And there'll be no rose petals sprinkled on your table or heart-shaped toast.

The thing about Porta is, it's already romantic. It looks like a little backstreet restaurant in Granada – candles, cosy little corners, amazing cooking smells coming from the kitchen.

So if you want to do Valentine's without the Valentine's madness, it's a good choice. What's more, they don't take bookings – and you can't get any more casual than that about your V-Day dinner. 

Porta is at 216 Chapel Street, Salford, M3 6BY.

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