13 of the best things to order at Malmaison Deansgate’s rooftop restaurant and bar

There’s nothing better than taking in Manchester’s beautiful skyline on a warm, sunny day. And there’s no place better to do it than during golden hour at Manchester Malmaison Deansgate’s rooftop restaurant and bar Sora

But, it’s not just stunning views and great vibes up here. There’s a range of delectable Asian-inspired dishes and cocktails to accompany your evening with. 

Here are 13 of our favourite menu items to indulge in on a glorious summer evening…or any time for that matter.

Dragon roll 

Not just a good looker, this dish has everything you could want from a sushi roll; plenty of texture and flavour from the tempura tiger prawn, salmon and tobiko, and a creamy finish with just enough kick from the avocado and spiced mayo. Great for sharing, or just having to yourself, it’s an all-round winner.

2024 06 25 Sora Dragon Roll
Dragon roll Image: Confidentials

Passion fruit Mai Tai

Feeling fruity? Let this sweet and sexy cocktail quench your thirst. Served in an adorable traditional Japanese sake cup with sushi sketches on it, this Insta-friendly tipple is made with Mount Gay Eclipse and Wray & Nephew rum, orange liqueur, passion fruit, pineapple, lime and almond - delicious.

Peach & lychee spritz (non-alcoholic) 

Not drinking? No worries. The peach and lychee spritz is one of the cocktails on the signature menu that tastes just as good without alcohol as it does with it. Made with lavender cordial, peach bitters, lychee and peach soda, this sweet and sunny beverage will leave you wanting more. Available with or without booze - you choose. 

2024 06 25 Sora Mai Tai
Passion fruit Mai Tai (left) and Peach and lychee spritz (right) Image: Confidentials

Sashimi platter

Looking for super fresh sashimi? Then you’ve come to the right place. Expertly sliced and beautifully presented, the sashimi platter includes tuna, tiger prawns, salmon, mackerel and tobiko. Served with a dish of soy sauce on the side, give it a good dunk and dig in. 

2024 06 25 Sora Sashimi
Sashimi platter Image: Confidentials

Sticky pork belly

This slow grilled sticky pork belly glazed with burnt apple purée and topped with sesame is enough to get any mouth watering. Served on two skewers to save your fingers from getting messy, this dish can be enjoyed on date night - just try not to drop it down your outfit!

Buttermilk chicken karaage

These bite size chunks of goodness are absolutely coated in flavour thanks to their tasty buttermilk coating. Glazed and dressed with sesame and a few chilli rings for good measure, turn up the heat with these grown up chicken nugs. 

Hand cut fries

You might be thinking ‘really? You’ve included fries in this list?’. But these aren’t just any fries, oh no. They’re hand cut skin on fries seasoned with seaweed, rosemary and chilli - think salt and pepper chips with a little bit of extra flair. We recommend getting a portion each as you won’t want to share these bad boys.

Cucumber salad

Refreshing and perfect as a nibble with a couple of G&Ts, this light bite takes super fresh and juicy cucumber, slices it into thin pieces and garnishes it with yuzu, garlic and sesame. It’s not your average cucumber salad, and that’s why we love it. 

2024 06 25 Sora Thumb
Cucumber salad (back left), buttermilk chicken karaage (back right), hand cut fries (front left) and sticky pork belly (front right) Image: Confidentials

Shishito (Non-alcoholic)

Another great contender on the cocktail list that can be made with or without alcohol, the Shisito is a tall and thirst-quenching drink that reminds us a lot of a mojito as its base ingredients are lime, mint and soda. The non alcoholic version is made with apple, while the alcoholic one uses Bacardi Carta Blanca, matcha liquor and shiso syrup.

Club Sora

If you’re looking for a post-meal cocktail that's as pretty as you are and is guaranteed to satisfy those sweet cravings, give Club Sora a try. Made with Roku Japanese gin, umeshu, lemon, bayberry and foamer, this aesthetically pleasing cocktail gives your favourite underground speakeasy a run for their money. 

2024 06 25 Sora Club Sora
Club Sora Image: Confidentials

Stem ginger marshmallows

If you’re the type of person that believes the only thing that can top off a great meal is an ooey-gooey, indulgent dessert, the stem ginger marshmallows with almond crumb and chocolate sauce will do just the trick. Lightly toasted for that authentic campfire flavour, these fluffy marshmallows will satisfy any sweet tooth. 

2024 06 25 Sora Marshmallow
Stem ginger marshmallows Image: Confidentials

Mochi ice cream

Need cooling down after all that hot action? Finish your meal with a few balls of mochi ice cream. The flavours rotate depending on what is available that day, so be sure to ask your server for their recommendations.

2024 06 25 Sora Mochi
Mochi ice cream Image: Confidentials

Sora afternoon tea

Last, but certainly not least, this is a real showstopper of a dish. Take your afternoon tea experience to new heights with a sensory journey to the Orient. Enjoy pan-Asian savoury and sweet treats that are (almost) too gorgeous to eat. Served Wednesday to Sunday 12-4pm, this dish must be pre-booked in advance.

Watch the video below to see the afternoon tea in all its glory.

See the full Sora menus here.

Sora, 23 Princess St, Manchester M2 4EB

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