Trainer tips to keep you motivated all year, not just in the New Year

IT'S a tough time of year for staying committed to fitness goals. The energy and resolve you felt in January is fading, yet the dark nights and bad weather are still very much around, making evenings snacking on the sofa seem more tempting than ever.

So how do people stay on track during this tricky season between New Year and spring? We asked the personal trainers at world-leading gym UP Fitness to share their tips for maintaining your motivation through March and beyond.

“It’s important to remind yourself why you started in the first place.”

#1 “Set yourself regular mini-goals to keep you committed to your big overall goal”

Aroosha, Personal Trainer, Ultimate Performance Manchester

Set yourself extra little goals that tie into your ultimate goal of fat loss. This can be things like increasing the weight you lift on a specific exercise, or doing a pull-up for the first time.

Fat loss is a process that often requires a lot of patience – many people can get demotivated and lose momentum if they see results slowing down, which is common.

So, these extra small goals give you something to focus on and keep you consistently working hard.

#2 “Sign up for a challenge which forces you to stick to your goals”

Olivia, Personal Trainer, Ultimate Performance Manchester

A great way to stay motivated and on track is to sign up to a challenge – and pay for it.

It could be anything from an obstacle race, to a 10k run or marathon, to a fitness photoshoot. Parting with your hard-earned cash will help keep you motivated.

What’s even better is finding a training partner to do it with you. Having someone to pull you through the tough times and revel in the experience with you will help keep you accountable.

#3 “Track your progress so you can see the results of your hard work, week to week”

Christian, Personal Trainer, Ultimate Performance Manchester

Whether working alone or with a trainer, ensure you are monitoring all aspects of your progress. This can include total weight loss, body fat percentage loss, gym performance, daily step count and even certain health markers, like blood pressure.

Evidence of progression can definitely fuel the fire and keep you accountable for all the hard work. When the end goal is in sight, these little progressions will tally up and not only will you see physical improvements, but a complete change in your mental approach and discipline as well.

#4 'Look back to keep moving forwards”

Louis, Personal Trainer, Ultimate Performance Cheshire

If you had a good start to the year but are feeling less motivated now, take some time to look back at how you felt on the first day. Look back at photographs of yourself ‘before’ and recognise the progress you have made. It will give you a welcome boost.

You may have realised your initial goal was quite easy to achieve, and are looking for something bigger and more exciting. Now is a good time to set yourself a big challenge over the next few months to keep yourself moving forward.

#5 Always focus on your “Why” to keep you motivated to achieve your goals

Anthony Paulhe, Personal Trainer, Ultimate Performance Manchester

January is always a great time of year when people have lots of motivation and energy to take on new goals. But what do you do when this initial New Year motivation withers away?

It’s important to remind yourself why you started in the first place. Was it to be more confident on the beach? To be able to play with your kids as they grow up? To find a new partner? Or maybe just to prove to yourself that you are able to withstand a challenge and accomplish something?

No matter the reason, write down your goal, revisit it often, and keep yourself accountable to it. If it is powerful enough, it will keep you going until you get there.

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