Or… save money on flights and visit Gaucho’s Argentinian steakhouse right here in Manchester

Back in the day, Gaucho Grill was the destination if you were a meat lover. Argentinian beef was considered the best in the world, fed on the pampas over millions of acres of pristine grasslands, naturally organic and very, bloody, tasty. Particularly the Aberdeen Angus breeds imported into Argentina well-over a hundred years ago.

If this piece was in a glossy magazine and it wasn’t Gordo writing, it would say here ‘to die for’, but let’s not forget where we are

Gordo was a butcher once; the family company used to buy both Argentinian beef as well as Cheshire and Scottish dry aged, generally as sides. We would sell a whole side, or hind quarter or forequarter to our customers, pack them into individual steaks and other cuts and blast freeze them ready for their freezer at home.

20171117 Gaucho Ribeye
Gaucho's wet-aged ribeye steak

Our preference was for the Argentinian wet aged striploin, the stuff you would cut into sirloin steaks. Generally leaner, they always showed with generous outside coverings of fat and stored in their sealed, oiled bags they aged beautifully on the boat on the way over, getting jiggled about for four or five weeks

Gordo's dad used to say you could cut them with a spoon. Once we'd joined the EU, we weren't allowed to import them. A shame.

161114 Gaucho Manchester 23
Gaucho offer wet aged pure breed Argentinian steaks

There are many arguments over which is best, wet or dry aged; but it's currently very fashionable to sing the praises of dry aged beef. Personally, this writer loves both; you can sill enjoy Burgundy and Claret, or Stilton and Cheddar. It's good to have the choice. And when you get the best of each ‘flavour’, life's good and the sun starts to shine. 

Gaucho offer wet aged pure breed Argentinian steaks, and if you are a beef fan, you need to go and try them. Because before the newer wave of Manchester bar and grills started offering excellent dry aged beef, you had to book two weeks in advance to get into Gaucho. Apart from San Carlo, it was the only place that was busy at lunch times throughout the week. Even late in the afternoons, for a sort of very late lunch but early dinner - a dusky time to start eating, drinking and telling lies - you couldn’t get a table.

2020 02 12 Gaucho Interior 1200 X 800
Gaucho's split-level dining room is housed in a converted church
2020 02 21 Gaucho Empanadas
Excellent empanadas

Returning for the first time in ages, Gordo tucked into three different varieties of empanadas to start, served with a simple but brilliant dipping sauce made from freshly pulped tomato, tangy olive oil and well-balanced seasoning. Empanadas are like refined, one third sized Cornish pasties with fillings that are a world away from Cornwall, that’s for sure. But get two to share. Gordo had three on his own and that’s abnormal. 

(As is he TBF.)

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A chunky rib eye (with a fried egg on top… dirty pig…) arrived, with skin-on fries and a side of broccoli that had been griddled and given a nudge with chilli flakes. You can order several different weights of each steak variety; rump, sirloin fillet and rib-eye. Gordo’s was the second to the largest rib eye and was superb. 

2020 02 21 Gaucho Steak And Eggs
Steak and Eggs Gaucho style

If this piece was in a glossy magazine and it wasn’t Gordo writing, it would say here ‘to die for’, but let’s not forget where we are. They are fcking brilliant. 

Like Hawksmoor? Wait ‘till you get a load of this gaff.

Gordo Go. Book here.

Gaucho, 2a St Mary’s Street, Manchester, M3 2LB