Vibrant, authentic, Indian breakfasts

The new buffet breakfasts served at Lily’s on the first Sunday of every month are a sight to behold. It’s a riot of colour with tantalizing aromas everywhere. You just want to try everything and, as it’s an unlimited buffet you can revisit time and time again, so you shall. Do try and have some restraint though.

The menu changes but idli sambar is a breakfast staple. (Actually, an anytime staple.) The light rice cakes are served with a richly-flavoured lentil soup and a coconut chutney – it’s a classic for connoisseurs of Indian cooking.

2020 03 18 Lilys Buffet Plate

Other typical dishes to be found at the breakfast buffet are: bhaji (a dry potato curry); puri (small round pieces of fried bread); pawa bateta (a Gujurati potato snack); Sambharo (lightly-cooked shredded cabbage and carrot); dhokra (a moreish spiced steamed snack); lambha ghathiya (a snack made from gram flour, turmeric and carom seeds); fried chillies; green chutney; jalebi (an Indian sweet made to accompany a typical breakfast in Gujurat); masala tea.

That’s quite a spread.

The table is laden with beautiful vegetarian food – much of it vegan – and it’s just £8.99 for adults and £5.99 for kids under 12.

Unlimited food and unlimited flavour from 9am – 11am on the first Sunday of every month.

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