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Seasonal dishes to fall for

Cibus have a new seasonal menu that celebrates autumnal ingredients. There’s a comforting joy about these dishes which have a warmth and a richness that feels almost celebratory.

Let us highlight our menu picks and from everyone at Confidentials this autumn, Season’s Eatings.

It’s as far removed from supermarket microwave versions as Earth is from Pluto

Panelle with locally produced oyster mushrooms

These moreish chickpea fritters make an irresistible snack – especially with the addition of oyster mushrooms and sundried tomato. Local sourcing and provenance is typical of Cibus where they are totally passionate about produce.

2022 11 08 Panelle Cibus

Bruschetta with gorgonzola, pears and walnuts


Bruschetta is such a simple dish but such a pleasing one. Top it with the salty richness of blue-veined gorgonzola, the sweetness of ripe pears and the earthy crunch of walnuts and you have a seasonal stunner.

2022 11 08 Cibus Gorgonzola

Trentina pizza

Cibus is famed for its slow-prove sourdough pizzas and the Trentina is just one example of the new toppings available. It’s a white pizza with mozzarella, porcini mushrooms, Italian sausage and parmesan and it’s a definite Confidential top pick.


Pasta calamarata

Light, fresh seafood seems inextricably linked with summer and seaside escapes but this pasta calamarata dish is richer and more satisfying as befits the change in seasons. It’s a hearty seafood ragu with cuttlefish, clams, mussels, prawns, squid and cod. 

2022 11 08 Cibus Pasta


As with all the pasta dishes at Cibus, the sheets of lasagne are homemade as is the bechamel sauce and the slow-cooked ragu made from beef featherblade that’s simply falling apart. It’s rich and thrilling yet comforting at the same time. It’s as far removed from supermarket microwave versions as Earth is from Pluto.


These thin and delicate pancakes are rolled into cannelloni and filled with the seasonal flavours of butternut squash, leeks, ricotta and gorgonzola. Rarely for an autumnal dish, the crespelle feels lighter yet still rich in flavour. It’s the culinary equivalent of a sleek polo neck rather than a big hoodie, elegant rather than cosy and don’t we all love a bit of grown up glamour on the plate? 

20220802 Cibus Roast 2

As well as the new seasonal menu our other top pick is the Sunday Roast menu at Cibus. 

Who could resist options like marinated half chicken, sirloin of beef, porchetta, braised lamb shoulder and a spiced vegetable filo parcel with sweet potato and pepper sausages all served with Yorkshire puds, roasties crushed carrots and swede, spiced braised red cabbage, parsnips, buttered greens and gravy? They’re the Sunday supplements everyone is really interested in.

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