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We're self-medicating on peanut butter, raspberry ripple and unicorns

CERTAIN foods never fail to put a smile on your face: ice cream, chocolate, candifloss, peanut butter. The guys at Black Milk know this – they see people blissed-out over their dessert creations every day at their cafe in the Northern Quarter.

And the one dish that always gives people a food high? Their infamous Cereal Cocktails.

Imagine a midnight munchie trip to an all-night garage, combined with Christmas morning as a kid, combined with a Pick n Mix spree.

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Put simply, these are chocolate bowls – WHICH YOU CAN ACTUALLY EAT – filled with some of the tastiest treats known to humankind, squirted with whipped cream, drizzled with ice cream sauces, and dowsed in chocolate milk.

The Cereal Cocktails have been featured on TV and radio, and on hundreds of Instagram accounts across the land. Black Milk is the only place that does them because only they have their own bespoke chocolate bowls – white or milk, you choose.

Imagine a midnight munchie trip to an all-night garage, combined with Christmas morning as a kid, combined with a Pick n Mix spree, and you're in the right vicinity.

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There are five different Cereal Cocktails to choose from. (In the name of research, we had to sample them all). It's not going to surprise you to hear that they all tasted amazing. If you don't like these, you don't like life. 

So next time you feel like falling off the healthy-eating wagon, why not roll around in the ditch for a while and enjoy yourself? A cereal cocktail is the ultimate Treat Day treat: get them at Black Milk on Oldham Street for just £8 or £4.90 without the edible bowl.

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Black Milk's Cereal Cocktails (in order of deliciousness)

The Om Nom Nom

So called because you'll lose the power of speech once you taste this. Oreos, brownies, Cookie Crisps, Kraves, Pop Rocks, chocolate sauce, chocolate milk. 

The Lion's Rawr

A salted caramel lover's dream. Biscoff, salted caramel cake, salted caramel sauce, salted caramel ice cream, Lion cereal, Crunchy Nut Caramel Clusters, whole milk. Unicorn Dreams

So fantastically tasty, you'll ask yourself afterwards if it really happened. White chocolate pieces, mini marshmallows, candifloss, Unicorn Loops, Party Rings, raspberry ripple ice cream, strawberry milk, and strawberry sauce, in a white chocolate bowl.

Peanut Butter Nutter

The healthy choice (ha ha ha – don't delude yourself). But the pleasure outweighs the guilt every time. Reece's Puffs, Crunchy Nut Clusters, Nesquick cereal, molten chocolate, salted caramel sauce, biscoff pieces, salted caramel ice cream, regular milk, whipped cream, and a Reece's Cup.

The Mighty Mochatoa

Coffee and dessert in one big chocolate bowl – this should be a standard part of the day. Chocapic Duo cereal, Tresor White cereal, white chocolate chunks, Tolberone, Vanilla Coffee Milk and whipped cream.

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