The new indie wine bar has hit a wall and set up a crowdfunder

As Manchester continues to thrive and attract new businesses from big bods like Nick Jones' Soho House, Richard Caring's Sexy Fish (or whatever that Spinningfield spot ends up being) and endless chains like The Real Greek, there's a danger of it losing its indie credentials.

Having raised almost all of the £135k needed themselves, there is a deficit in their budget

Anna Tutton co-founder of The Beeswing, a new wine and small plates bar set to open at Kampus imminently, knows a thing or two about the struggles of being an independent in a world of corporates. Anna is perhaps best known in the hospo biz for the wonderful little wine bar vin-yard that made its name at Hatch before all the bars were unceremoniously kicked out by Bruntwood as the property developer allegedly preferred the idea of keeping those sweet, sweet, boozy profits for itself. Prior to that Anna travelled the world's vineyards before working at Reserve in Didsbury and Hanging Ditch to cement her wine knowledge. She even ran a "wine caravan" for a while that she took to festivals.

Along with her business partner Joe Maddock, founder of Didsbury fave Pinchjo's (now sadly closed), Anna has had a dream to open a European-style neighbourhood wine bar with nibbles for some time. Unfortunately, life has screeched the brakes on this dream and they need your help to get the damn place open.

How The Beeswing In Manchester Will Look Inside When It Opens In Spring Following A Crowdfunder
Brutalist pillars and soft pinks Image: 3D render by Andy Gough
The Interior Of The Beeswing Kampy Smanchester As Rendered By Andy Gough
Soo Wilkinson has designed the interiors Image: 3D render by Andy Gough

Tell us more about The Beeswing

The Beeswing, as we reported back in December, will move in above Nell's in Manchester's most happening neighbourhood Kampus at the top of Canal Street and will have its own terrace - ideal for sunnier days. The Beeswing will be neighbours with Pollen, Great North Pie Co, Madre, Yum Cha, Cloudwater and more local independents. It's going to be hot.

With an interior designed by local style guru Soo Wilkinson, the 3D renders (by Andy Gough) that Anna has shared with us illustrate how gorgeous the place will look. It maintains the industrial look that Manchester is known for by way of rough concrete pillars, then softens it with dusky pink walls and jellyfish-like lighting. An ideal spot to while away the hours on a high stool. Not only that but just look at the food. Think black sesame-crusted feta triangles, slow-cooked dahl, spiced cauli, very veg forward and broadly Mediterranean with influences from all over the show.

But having raised almost all of the £135k needed themselves, in true Grand Designs style (actually due to the rising cost of everything and some higher than expected costs), there is a deficit in their budget to get it completed. They're short £25k so they've set up a fundraiser.

Anna told Confidentials: "I don't want people to think we're taking the mickey. We've done literally everything to raise the money to fund it. We had an £80k budget to start with, then it went to £100k and we managed to raise the extra. Now we just need a bit of help to cover the rest."

A Trio Of Dishes Frim The Beeswing Kampus Manchester Which Has Set Up A Crowdfunder
Expect veg-forward small plates from former Pinchjo's chef Joe Maddock Image: Rebecca Lupton
Black Sesame Feta Triangles From The Beeswing Kampus Manchester
Black sesame crusted feta triangles will be on the menu Image: Rebecca Lupton

A Crowdfunder for an indie

So how to help? We all know about Crowdfunders by now, these people-powered project-backing fundraisers have helped Sugo launch its Sale branch and have basically funded Gary Usher's entire empire. 

There are plenty of lovely things up for grabs on The Beeswing's Crowdfunder in return for your investment in this great little indie. You can pre-order a meal for two with wine for £50, or if you can't wait for the restaurant to open, you can order a meal for six and two bottles of wine to be delivered to your home for £150. You can even help shape the menu by throwing £25 into the pot to be invited to a private dining event of menu cook-offs with chef Joe, and tell him what you think works - or doesn't. 

Find the Crowdfunder for The Beeswing here. Get involved if you can and let's keep the flame of Manchester's indie scene held aloft like a lighter at a gig.

The Beeswing, Kampus Aytoun St, Manchester M1 3GL

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