Week 21: Revealed - ‘water is hot’

Sleuth is a sideways glance at the city each week. It's the truth, but Sleuth's truth. Sometimes Sleuth even gets serious, but not often... @mcrsleuth

Lift for Mo

Mo Farah was in Manchester at the weekend to take part in the 10km Great Manchester Run. Sleuth hears Mo was in a lift in the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel when it came to halt. Mo was stuck between one flo' and the next flo'. But Mo’s fast. He still won the race. Maybe he was inspired to run faster due to temporary incarceration. 

Transformational hobbies

Sleuth is a fan of obsessive people as long as their obsessions are harmless. So he feels cheered up by the fact that Louis Georgiou, co-founder and managing director of Manchester-based digital agency Code Computerlove, has launched his campaign to get a Guinness World Record. The man, despite being a fully paid-up grown-up, has hundreds and hundreds of Transformer toys. He reckons he has 1,900 examples which far outstrips the current record of 1,000. There will be an official count soon. Apparently the collection started when Georgiu was looking for a Christmas present for his son. Sleuth wonders if the son ever got a transformer that year. 

18 05 25 Transformer Collection 2
Sleuth supports this Guinness World Record attempt

Beggar record broken

Sleuth walked from Chinatown via Albert Square to Blackfriars Street on the night of the Arena bomb commemorations. One walk, twenty minutes. He was asked for money by beggars 25 times. Is this a Guinness World Record as well? Certainly Sleuth, having been to Liverpool and Birmingham recently, knows that those cities have nothing like this problem. So what is it about Manchester? There will be an article next week focussing on Chinatown and exploring this issue. So much for regional mayor Andy Burnham’s efforts thus far. 

Mini-me employment policy

Sleuth loves Neil McInroy of The Centre for Local Economic Strategies (Cles). He is a charming and articulate campaigner for making our towns and cities better and fairer places. Still, Sleuth couldn’t help smile at the new officer he’s employed in CLES, Tom Goodwin. His face seemed somehow familiar, ah yes he looks just like Neil, his boss. 

18 05 25 Sleuth The New Neil Mc Inroy
The new Neil McInroy
18 05 25 The Real Neil Mc Inroy
The real Neil McInroy

20 Stories confusion

Sleuth’s friend took a client to lunch at 20 Stories restaurant this week. He hadn’t been before and so like every other person who’s visited read the address as '20 Storeys' thinking it would be on the twentieth storey of the No 1 Spinningfields building. “It’s such an odd idea to call it that, almost as though they lack confidence about something,” he said to Sleuth, pausing before continuing: “Maybe after fake-news we’ve moved on to fake-numeracy.”

18 05 25 20 Stories Sleuth
Fake-numeracy at 20 Stories

Toilet graffiti of the week

This was found in the gents The Castle pub on Oldham Street. ‘I like eggs’ somebody had written. Someone else had added ‘weird’. Sleuth isn’t sure. While it is weird to write that you like eggs in a toilet it isn’t weird in itself to like eggs, unless this is another case of a direct action from a vegan militant. 

Stupid toilet notice of the week

HOME arts centre has taken to informing people that ‘Water may be hot’. Thanks for that HOME. Sleuth is looking forward to other impossibly ridiculous and obvious signs at HOME such as ‘Water is liquid’, ‘Toilet bowls are not the same as bowling alley bowls and also different from bowls you eat your food from’. Or maybe, ‘Don’t get your hopes up death is inevitable’. Sleuth loves publicly funded bodies wasting time and money.  

18 05 25 Sleuth Home Tells Is Like It Obviously Is
HOME tells it like it obviously is

Sleuth’s dish of the week is primitive

Sleuth has been doing some free tours in Angel Meadow and up the Irk valley for the MeadowSide development. Usually these finish in the Marble Arch pub. Sleuth said to the barkeeper, “I have been walking and talking for many miles and it has been hot and tiring work. I need something to re-energise me.” “What about bone marrow?” the man said. “Oh that would be perfect,” said Sleuth. The dish took a while to arrive. “Is there a problem?” asked Sleuth. The barkeeper went to the kitchen and came back stating, “The chef says it is taking so long because your bone is so big.” Sleuth, ignoring any potential double entendre, howled for joy at this news like a happy wolf, and when the dish came he howled again with delight. “Could you stop howling now, it’s disturbing the other customers,” said the barkeeper. 

18 05 25 Sleuth A Bone To Make A Man Howl Like A Wolf
A bone to make a man howl like a wolf