Four weird and wonderful pizzas now cooking at the indie pizza place in Reddish

BIZARRE pizza toppings are fairly commonplace in 2019. But bizarre pizza toppings that also taste great... they're not so easy to find.

At I Knead Pizza they specialise in authentic, wood-fired Neapolitan pizza with its trademark thin, light dough and classic toppings. Your options include 'Mushroom', Ham', and of course, 'Margherita' – all very simple, and all very good.

But when it comes to their Specials Menu, they like to have a bit of fun. Every few weeks they'll dream up something new – an unlikely combination that might work or might not – and the best ones make it on to the board.

Here's what's up there at the moment... which one do you want to eat the most?

Dance With The Devil £13

Satanic pizza? The devil gets his fiery little fingers into everything at this time of year. This hell-hot combination is perfect for a cold October evening and features a base of harissa, fior di latte mozzarella, 'nduja, jalapeños and ‘Granddad’s Sausages’ pork and chilli sausage.

5 Cheese Pizza £13

Because you can never have enough cheese. This one features cheese sauce, mozzarella, goats cheese, gorgonzola & parmesan. Yes please.

Jerk BBQ and Pepperoni £13

It's not easy but try to imagine a pizza base of jerk barbecue sauce, topped with pepperoni. (No, we can't go there either). It sounds like an abomination but its creator, Paul at I Knead Pizza, assures us it works really well. We need to try it before we can offer further comment.

Hallouminati £13

Not only is it a ingenious pun, it's all our favourite foods brought together on one pizza: mozzarella, halloumi, humous... what a trio. Plus roast peppers, grilled aubergine, and topped off with chilli and garlic salt.

Want to try it or any of the above? Head to I Knead Pizza at 52 Gorton Road, Reddish. Specials change regularly according to whatever they dreamt up the day before.

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