GOOD TIMES and chemistry collide at Science + Industry. The new first floor bar at Cane & Grain has its own back-room laboratory where weird and wonderful creations take place, pushing the boundaries of molecular mixology.

Some of the best Blues this side of the Mississippi Delta

So that’s Science sorted. What about Industry? Well, the venue has had a subtle upgrade with custom-made upholstery, ornate lighting and new wallpaper inspired by Manchester’s symbolic grafters, those industrious worker bees. The drinks at Cane & Grain have also always been very popular with the city’s off-duty bar industry. That’s Science + Industry duly explained.



Chief lab boffin is Massimo Zitti, bar manager, chief trainer and master mixologist for The Liars Club. The lab has led to the creation of a number of innovative inventions, Including Massi’s famous edible perfumes which he sprays onto the rims of glasses. Take the Americano Fizz for example, (ooh, don’t mind if I do) with carbonated sweet vermouth and Campari and the intriguing edible perfume of lemon mist with extra notes of grapefruit and basil.

The team have been working with the University of Manchester to learn the finer details of distillation, filtration and crystallisation. It’s good to see they’ve been doing their homework because the results really come across in the exciting new drinks menu.



Zitti explained, ‘In the past year or so, we’ve really been focusing on the science behind cocktail creation. Our lab means we can experiment and really play around with flavours to create a sensory experience for the customer.’

Science + Industry isn’t just about the drinks. There’s also great live music with some of the best Blues this side of the Mississippi Delta and a cracking menu taking in everything from pimped up fries to salads, nachos, burgers and ribs.

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Cane & Grain - Science & Industry Opening from Manchester Confidential on Vimeo.