One part rum, two parts graffiti, and a big splash of festive vibes: The Salford Rum Company have got a new December pop-up

There’s nowt we love more than a company that stocks local goods, and a cracker-worthy Christmas pun. The Salford Rum Company is providing us with both by the bucketload thanks to its new Xmas-themed pop-up bar. Although these rum buggers have already promised us a new brick and mortar venue with its own distillery space and outdoor garden opening in early 2022, the magic of Christmas has swooned them into giving us our presents early in the form of a yuletide themed boozer.

When does this rum pop-up open, damnit?

Opening on Thursday 2 December, just in time for the first choccy in your advent calendar, Bar Rumbug is located at the company’s forthcoming spot on Viaduct Street in Salford. The temporary haunt will also be open throughout December from 12 'til 12, Wednesday to Sunday, allowing you to cram in those spicy pirate-esque tipples right up until the big day.

Graffiti By Urbie At The Salford Rum Company Christmas Popup
Bar Humbug's namesake has been spotted in spray paint on the pop-up's custom walls Image: @urban_dirt_custom_art

Another thing to shout about like an out of tune carol singer is the fact that this Salford-based pop-up spot will play host to several different scoops from local distilleries, breweries, and boozy brands. Celebrating Greater Manchester spirits and craft beers, Bar Rumbug’s bevs will come courtesy of Pomona Island, Cloudwater, Seven Bro7thers, Track, Shindigger and Squawk breweries, as well as a few of their own signature home-brewed serves.

Spray cans ring, are you listening?

Ensuring that Salford Rum Company keeps things streetwise and quirky this Crimbo, the location at Arch 33 is adorned with graffiti by local artist Urbie. With a custom sign featuring candy canes, holly, and snowy silhouette scenes, and a feature wall donned with Ebenezer himself, this bar ain't your average fireside, twinkly lights joint. The walls are also wrapped with chintzy wrapping paper and seriously seasonal spray paint.

The Salford Rum Company Signature Spiced Rum Selection
Spiced honey rum influenced by Salford Docks' Caribbean imports sounds pretty irresistible Image: The Salford Rum Company

The Salford Rum Company's varieties include a classic spiced recipe and a dark spice and honey rum created as a “passionate celebration of the history, heritage and people of the Salford Docks”. Taking serious local inspo from an era in which Salford Docks was the third biggest port in the UK, this innovative corporation takes its flavour combos and concoctions from the rums, fruits and spices of the Caribbean that arrived in England in Salford Docks’ heyday (genius).

Back to the graffiti-donned pop-up though, Bar Rumbug is the perfect peripheral spot to enjoy some festive drinks with friends and fam away from the cattle-style Christmas markets and the mortgage-threatening mulled wine of the city centre. If you're feeling like a spicy, home-brewed bev this advent, it’s time to clear some space in your hectic Christmas calendar and pencil in a pina colada, or six.

Bar Rumbug will be opening on 2 December from 12pm-12am Wednesday til Sunday at Arch 33 on Viaduct Street, Salford M3 7WX.

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