SADLER’s Yard, the new public square at the heart of the Co-operative’s £800m NOMA development, has been unveiled in a nook between New Century Tower, the CIS Tower and Hanover Street.

“Sadler’s Yard is the public heart of the NOMA neighbourhood," says David Pringle, director of NOMA, "and will sit at the centre of a range of beautifully restored heritage buildings and newly created office, retail and leisure space."

The Pilcrow should be open for business in Autumn 2016

Named after Oxford balloonist, James Sadler, who became the first Englishman to fly in 1784 and staged two successful ascents from what is now Balloon Street, the new square (which was postponed following a fire in the CWS Building) will be the 'first square to be established in Manchester this century', according to the blurb.


What about Hardman Square in Spinningfields? Or the new public realm at First Street, or Greengate Square (ok that's Salford, but only just)?

Over time NOMA's new square - designed by landscapers Planit-IE - will become home to a mix of cafes, bars and restaurants – including The Pilcrow Pub.

The Pilcrow PubThe Pilcrow Pub: "think we'll need some walls Joe..."

Billed as ‘a pub built by the people for the people’, the Pilcrow Pub project, headed up by local designer Joe Hartley, will be driven by local craftspeople guiding an army of volunteers in a series of free-to-attend workshops, ranging from cabinet making to glass blowing and home brewing.

From building bar stools to turning beer handles, organisers aim to build every single part of the pub using traditional skills taught during workshops – which begin in January 2016.


New NOMA Square - Who The 'Eck Is James Sadler?

Manchester's Portable Pilcrow Pub

All going well, the Pilcrow - which will stock local brews and North Westerly grub - should be open for business in Autumn 2016.

Volunteers interested in pitching in can attend a launch event in Sadler’s Yard at 7pm on Friday 4 December, where they can meet organisers, tradesmen and sign-up for workshops.

Meanwhile, Sadler's Yard will host the GRUB Christmas Food Fair between midday and 8pm on Saturday 5 December.


(main image credit: Planit-IE)