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Plenty to pick on the new midday menu, from £8.95 for a main and a drink

CHECKING out the new set lunch menu at Cibo, it would’ve been rude not to put the team’s pasta-making skills to the test, so straight off we knew what mains we were going for: the Ravioli di Spinaci and the Tagliatelle Polpette.

Instead, it was the starters that gave us the most grief, decision wise. Chicken Caesar salad is such a classic, as is duck and chicken liver pâté, but we thought we’d stick with authentically Italian dishes, and ordered one Mozzarella Fritta and one Calamari. We also accidentally ended up with an extra dish to boot – the Bruschetta al Pomodoro. Despite a basic-sounding description that put us off actually picking it, it was a basil-y delight, packing a pesto punch and with juicy cherry tomatoes that even the salad-dodger among us managed to enjoy. 

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Bruschetta al Pomodoro

The breadcrumbed and deep-fried Mozzarella was satisfyingly stringy, and the tangy cheese went well with its rocket accompaniment. The lightly battered squid rings could have been shown the oil a little longer for a bit more crunch, but they were perfectly serviceable and not on the overly chewy side. Served with a tartare dip, the whole dish was a bit on the greige side; a theme that continued into the main course.

The Bruschetta al Pomodoro was a basil-y delight, packing a pesto punch and with juicy cherry tomatoes that even the salad-dodger among us managed to enjoy.

The colour-lacking Ravioli di Spinaci was nonetheless tasty, with a pleasantly light homemade egg pasta that was perfect for lunch. The buttery sauce had a zingy citrus background and the sage went well with the ricotta and spinach filling. Plenty of freshly grated Parmesan and black pepper, served at the table, finished the dish off nicely.

The meatballs of the Tagliatelle Polpette were well seasoned and had a sense of great-quality meat being used, and they were as handmade as the menu promised, with an authentic rustic-ness to them. The pasta ribbons were also expertly prepared and well complemented by a tomato sauce that tasted fresh rather than overly rich.

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Ravioli di Spinaci

With a main and a drink (small glass of wine, half a beer or soft drink) just £8.95, and two courses and a drink £13.95, Cibo’s set lunch is a viable – and much tastier – alternative to your usual butty and can, and, available every day from noon (until 2.30pm on weekdays and 3pm at the weekend), it’s perfect for popping out of the office or popping in from the shops. Meanwhile if you’re leaning towards a late lunch, give the pre-theatre menu a whirl: with two courses £14.95 and three courses and a drink £19.95, the offer is on every day between 5pm and 7pm.

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