One Stockport business is offering discounted practical web support to struggling hospitality businesses

A Stockport-based website platform business has come up with a generous offer to help hospitality businesses in crisis. Following the announcement by the Prime Minister on Friday, all restaurants, cafes and bars have closed to the public. Many are now hoping to adapt to a delivery/takeaway only method for the time being while others have closed completely.

Helping small businesses online is at the core of everything we do and we are just keen to help people get online quickly

The government now strongly advises the British public to avoid social contact to prevent the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 which is now a global pandemic. 

Many businesses who are already using the likes of Deliveroo and Uber Eats have transitioned quickly to a temporary takeaway and/or delivery only business model. Others have joined one of these types of schemes for the first time. 

But others argue that delivery companies charge so much commission that the money made from deliveries just isn’t enough to cover their costs. Multiple businesses in Greater Manchester have conceded to an indefinite, albeit temporary, closure.

2020 01 22 The Counter House
The Counter House is an existing client of Shopblocks

Stockport company Shopblocks whose current customers include The Counter House in Ancoats and Little Lanka in Stockport, specialise in ecommerce, designing and building online shops and websites for businesses. 

They have been helping their existing customers to set up to accept online orders for delivery and collection. They have now offered to waive the usual set-up cost of £700 for any hospitality businesses nationwide who need to do the same. With a monthly fee of £39 and a transaction fee of 1% (much lower than most delivery services) this could help businesses to keep afloat and continue employing at least some member of staff for now. 

Shopblocks promise that they can get businesses set up and ready to take orders within seven days.

2020 03 20 Shopblocks Screenshot
Shopblocks design online shops and websites for businesses

Stewart Reynolds, Sales & Marketing Director of Shopblocks, told Confidentials: “Helping small businesses online is at the core of everything we do and we are just keen to help people get online quickly. Plus, there’s only so much freezer food we can eat at home!

“At Shopblocks we believe every company can benefit from growing their digital offering, food businesses especially and Shopblocks onboarding and support team is here to ensure your website is set up correctly, designed well and ready to do business.”

It's good to see our community coming together to support each other in times like this. If you are a hospitality business that could benefit from Shopblocks' support, you can get in touch here

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