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Small plates, large plates and everything in between - food at Odd is less weird, more wonderful

‘ODD’ has various connotations, some bad and some good. When it comes to the Northern Quarter’s longstanding hangout, however, ‘Odd’ is most definitely a good thing. Known for its offbeat cocktail creations and comprehensive selection of other boozy beverages, not to mention its popular music nights and the famed Quizimodo, there’s so much going on here that the food can get overlooked.

Verdict? This is one menu that stands its ground

Confidential never overlook food. Last week, therefore, saw us pay a visit to this NQ institution with the sole purpose of eating. We weren’t disappointed: not only does the variety mean there’s something for all - including plenty for vegetarians and vegans - but it’s all with an attention to detail that elevates each dish from satisfying to sensation.

20170207 Odd Spiced Lamb Koftas With Mint Yoghurt

Small plates were a case in point. The spiced lamb koftas were tender and juicy - seasoned with coriander, cumin, mint and garlic for extra flavour. They come served with fresh yoghurt with a splash of lemon and cucumber slices for a refreshing contrast. Grilled barbecue chorizo and piquillo peppers were another taste explosion, served with homemade herb oil. Odd uses grilling rather than frying where possible, making dishes relatively healthier, but there’s no detriment to the flavour: this was the embodiment of ‘simple but effective.’

20170207 Odd Small Plates

As indeed were feta, spinach and pine nut parcels: the sharp spinach and crunch of nuts undercutting the creamy cheese perfectly. A twist of black pepper and voila. We could go on but you get the gist: we recommend taking advantage of the three small plates for £13 or five for £20 offer and sampling as many of these delights as possible.

Moving onto the mains, we were dubious they wouldn’t live up to their predecessors, but needn’t have been. Chargrilled chicken and homemade basil pesto burger was a winner; served with light lemon mayonnaise, sundried tomatoes and rocket on a brioche bun. The New York Deli bagel is another roaring success: a Thatcher's bagel loaded with 8oz prime steak beef burger, cured honey roast ham, turkey, pastrami, mustard mayo and dill pickles - accompanied with the zingy house slaw. All meat is locally-sourced and burgers and sarnies come with skin-on fries or house salad.

20170207 Crispy Crumbed Halloumi Avocado Stack

The veggie amongst us struggled to choose between roast sweet potato, chick pea & spinach curry (vegan) and crispy crumbed halloumi & avocado stack, but eventually plumped for the latter: big pieces of breadcrumbed avocado and halloumi pieces served on bed of rocket and red onion with pickled jalapeño and roast pepper salsa. Fans of the Cypriot cheese can also find a small plate variety - in the form of grilled rosemary and smoked garlic marinated halloumi - not to mention the famed Loony Halloumi sandwich.

Were we not full, we would have carried on: the full English (also in veggie and vegan options) and Beavertown ale-battered fish and chips looked particularly enticing. What’s more, all mains are half price on Thursday 12-9pm: even more motive to pay another visit.

Verdict? This is one menu that stands its ground.

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20170207 Barbecue Chorizo Piquillo Peppers
20170207 Creamy Feta Spinach Pine Nut Parcels
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