We pick our personal favourites, from the samosa burger to the quinoa super bowl

AS the country with the highest number of vegetarians, it's no surprise that India has a lot to offer to those of us favouring a plant-based or meat-free diet.

It's like Deliciously Ella accidentally had her veg box delivered to your table rather than her house

At Scene Indian Street Kitchen in Spinningfields, their menu reflects the prominent role that vegetarianism plays in the subcontinent – with a variety and range that's impressive, even in today's vegan-friendly world.

If you're looking for somewhere different to go for vegetarian and vegan food in Manchester, check it out.

We've picked out some of our favourite dishes below:

On the lunch menu

Samosa burger (vegetarian) £9.50

Like a vegetarian version of a pie barm, this is a samosa on a bun with Indian sauces and salads, melted cheese and chips. Spicy, gooey, zingy, it's a world away from the standard bland bean burger.

Karahi thali (vegan) £7.95

Well-balanced, nourishing and full of contrasting textures and flavours, a thali platter is an Indian adventure without the hassle of plane fares and visas. This one features salad, poppadom and dip, onion bhaji, pilau rice, mini naan and vegetable karahi curry.

2018 06 30 Scene Samosa Burger 1 2019 04 08 Scene Thali

On the evening menu

Pani puri (vegetarian) £4.95

They look like flying saucer sweets but the taste explosion comes from spiced chickpeas and mint rather than sherbet. Pop one in your mouth and get ready for lift-off.

Lahsen mushrooms (vegan) £3.50

The meaty flavour of mushrooms is enhanced by a marinade of garlic, ginger, lime, green chilli and spices – and then they're grilled for even more umami excitement.

Paneer butter masala (vegetarian) £7.95

The contrast of mild, milky paneer and rich masala spices is always going to create something special. This is the kind of dish that inspires a craving that inspires a repeat visit.

2019 04 08 Scene Paneer

Special mention: Vegan quinoa super bowl (£14.95)

We're not sure how Indian the concept of a super-bowl is (or quinoa for that matter) but we're including this anyway because of its impressive range of fresh produce and vitamin-packed goodness.

A three layer wonder, its foundation is a bed of stir fry broccoli, peas, peppers, mushrooms, and Indian-spiced carrots. In the middle, satisfying cubes of baked tofu. And on top, lime-infused quinoa with cranberries, pomegranate, and a crunchy kale and beetroot salad.

It's like Deliciously Ella accidentally had her veg box delivered to your table rather than her house. We can see your skin glowing from here.

There's many more vegetarian and vegan dishes to try at Scene Indian Street Kitchen. Why not go and explore?

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