The Norden Arms is to officially re-open at the end of February

A MERE nine months after first opening, Osteria Norden is to return to its former incarnation as a village pub.

The building was transformed into a casual Italian restaurant last June, as part of the award-winning, family-owned Salvis group which includes Salvi's Mozzarella bar in Manchester’s Corn Exchange, Salvi's Cucina and Salvi's Rosticceria on John Dalton Street, and Salvi's concession at AirKix in Trafford.

Salvis owner Maurizio Cecco said; "It is with regret that we have taken the decision to no longer be part of Osteria.  We had a fantastic time working with the team and customers, however, we are now focusing our business on our Manchester city centre establishments. We wish all the team all the best for a successful future."

Osteria Norden has already reverted back to The Norden Arms and is being run by landlord Michael Stewart, former estate agent, who announced the takeover with a statement on the pub’s Facebook page: “Some of you may have noticed some changes within the bar over the past few months and as of this week that will include the restaurant too."

Norden Arms
The Norden Arms returns

He continued: “Last year an opportunity presented itself to me that gave me an opportunity to carry through with a lifelong dream. And over the course of the last few months I have been in negotiations to follow through with my own restaurant and bar. I have made and concluded negations with the landlord and so am now delighted to announce that with the help of many people such as previous management, some trusted friends and family (especially my wife who has to put up with me) I am now taking my first steps into food and hospitality.

"The first action I have taken is to bring in my own team and have head hunted a fine head chef (*full details to follow) and kitchen team and implement my own menu that has been developed with the help of some highly regarded restaurateurs whilst following my own heart and ambition. From the bar aspect the first thing I intend to do is bring back the original Norden Arms feel and quite possibly the name.

“There will be a small and smooth transitional period during the next few weeks but all booking will remain and the business is open and usual.”

The news seems to have had a positive response from locals who it seems were mainly put off by Osteria’s ‘city centre prices’. Comments were mainly on the theme of ‘our local is back!’, ‘please charge local pub prices and we will be regulars again!’ and ‘we will give it another try now, hope the food and drinks are priced for a village pub and not a city restaurant.’

Salvis Osteria Interior
Osteria will make way for the re-established Norden Arms

Improvements have been made to The Norden Arms in recent years. New owner Michael even commented the he was “actually involved in the building when it was sold from Enterprise Inns as The Blue Ball and it was in a sad state. There were mushrooms growing from the ceiling, water running down the walls and the retaining wall was crumbling, so it was in drastic need of an upgrade.” We bet that’s not exactly how he described the venue during his days as an estate agent.

The new look pub will include a piece of locally-made art that will be on display in the pub which will play tribute to Norden and the pub's past as The Blue Ball.

Michael will hold a re-opening party for locals at the end of February.