Signs for Yum Cha have gone up in the window of the closed Taberu site

A sign has gone up in the window of the closed Taberu site at 53 King Street (pictured above).

The sign reads: 'Yum Cha Dim Sum bar coming soon'.

This makes us happy. Very happy. Dim sum being, when dun propa, the greatest of all Chinese culinary contributions.

Little dumplings, buns, rolls, parcels and wraps, steamed, fried or baked, filled with sweet and savoury things from prawns and pork rib tips to veggies and soup (still no idea how they get soup in there), and then chicken's feet, whelks, leafy things, custard tarts, turnip cakes and whatmenots - a cornucopia of exciting, unusual and 'WTF is that?' tastes and textures.

Traditionally ferried around Chinese restaurants on trolleys by servers (typically the most grumpy ones), take up some chopsticks, catch an eye and dive into those bamboo steamers before someone else does. 

Manchester's best dim sum restaurant? Probably Mei Dim in Chinatown, though others will tell you it's Yang Sing, Tai Pan or Glamourous.

Back to the new Yum Cha - the name for the Cantonese ritual of tea and dim sum for breakfast - which we understand to be the next city centre project from Vinny and Victor Yu, the brothers behind the popular Yu restaurant and bar in Alderley Edge.

The pair opened Taberu bao bar on the site in June, however, closed in October in order to 'try different concepts'. This looks to be the next. We're in.

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