Why mess with perfection?

A lot has happened over the past year and a bit but BAB’s stellar menu is reassuringly samey. After all, when you’ve perfected the art of classic yet inventive kebabs, just keep on cooking. Nobody likes deconstructed whatnots or cheffy spins on something that, when it’s done right, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. So it’s good to know that BAB’s babs are back in all their unadulterated glory.

 The lamb adana is classic BAB. Old-school components coming together to make a kebab that’s classic and classy. Beautiful meat, the BAB take on kebab shop salad, feta and pistachio labneh and house chilli. Late night fodder is now date night worthy, or at least mate night.

 The chip shop halloumi is another belter – all the so-wrong-it’s-right elements of a chippy tea in a bab – halloumi with beer batter bits, puffed potato, chip shop curry sauce and wasabi peas.

 All your menu favourites are back – both bab and non-bab. As well as fancy-pants flat iron steak with truffle and blue cheese babs or all-our-favourite-things-in-one-meal mixed babs, you’ll also find marvellous meze, surf and turf with Greek fries and a wild mushroom shawarma – also available in bab format.

 Many takeaways have been consumed recently. Certainly by us. Isn’t it time you tasted a takeaway that deserves its place at a table? Pull up a chair and tuck in to a bab worth sitting down for.

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Find BAB at 14 Little Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1HR or click here to find out more.