Vertigo, Fika and a Lucky Robot - they just keep on coming

New openings, we’ve had a few, but then again, there’s more to mention...


Cross Street, Manchester

If you love plants then what you'll really want to do is kill them and eat them. This you can do at Vertigo, a new 'plant-based eatery' (we're guessing that means vegan restaurant) opening on Manchester's Cross Street sometime this winter. Vertigo will open from breakfast to dinner, serving plants, alongside beers, wines and coffee - which also come from plants. Handy that.

Vertigo Manchester


Lever Street, Northern Quarter

We don't know much about Fika as yet, but here are four things we do know. It's opening on the 21st September. It's taking over the old Bakerie site on Lever Street in Northern Quarter. It's from Mark Whyte and Steve Pilling, the guys behind Vesper bar on Pall Mall and the Guilty by Association and Lost in Tokyo bars just over the way on Stevenson Square. Lastly, 'Fika' means a coffee break in Sweden, which means there's likely to be coffee, sweet buns and Billy bookcases full of books about bloody Hygge.


Lever Street, Northern Quarter

Taking over the old Texture club at 67 Lever Street (pictured below), Lucky Robot is the latest effort by Manchester bar guru,m Lyndon Higginson - the man behind Liar's Club, Cane & Grain and Crazy Pedro's (the man knows booze 'n' good times, that's for sure). Lucky Robot is still at licence application stage, but will fall under the umbrella of the Bunny Jackson's brand - the rip-roaring blues 'n' beer bar down at First Street. We love BJs, here at Confidential, so good luck to 'em.

Texture Lucky Robot


Piccadilly Approach, Manchester

Not to be confused with Flok, the Spanish(ish) sherry and small plates bar on Stevenson Square, Flock is a new 'Penthouse of Chicken' just opened on the new look Piccadilly Approach - alongside Archie's, Northern Soul and the Piccadilly Tap. So what does a 'Penthouse of Chicken' do? Well, it's not a fowl nudey mag, or even a luxe top floor apartment full of mother cluckers, rather a diner specialising in fried and Asian-style chicken thingys.

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Stockport Road, Levenshulme

Only just dropped into our inbox this one, but looks the business. Opening on Friday 31st August, The Talleyrand - named after famed French bishop, politician and 'free-thinking intellectual idler', Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord - is a new beer, wine, coffee bar and arts space opening close to Trove on Stockport Road. Does this mean the resurgence of Levy is back on? Maybe. Nothing screams gentrification quite like an art bar modelled on a Parisian salon and dedicated to some posh, rich, dead French fella.

The Talleyrand


Manchester Arndale, Manchester

Opening in Manchester Arndale's new £11 million food hall, Halle Place, Wolf specialises in Italian street food including the 'piada' - an Italian-style burrito using folded flatbread filled with things like pulled pork, steak, lemon chicken, mushroom, courgette, salad and, instead of rice, spaghettini - a really thin type of spaghetti. The street food brand, owned by Bolton-born Tim Entwistle, already has branches in Leeds, Reading and Chiswick.

Wolf Street Food


Spinningfields, Manchester

A new pop-up bar dedicated to Espresso Martinis by premium Polish vodka brand, Belvedere. Taking over Artisan's ground floor bar space (recently vacated by Finca Cuban street food), the pop-up will open from the 2-14 October as a coffee shop during the day and a cocktail bar by night. Drinks will be curated by globe-trotting, Lancashire-born bartending bros, Joe and Daniel Schofield, who plan to open a Manchester bar of their own sometime next year.

Cafe Belvedere