The Mancorialist captures a poignant moment under the arches of the Town Hall Extension

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The Mancorialist is a tireless recorder of Manchester life. Have a look through this energetic photographer's Instagram feed to get a hint of the work. The images capture the essense of Manchester and the people who live or visit here. It captures moods and moments feezing them in the digital ether. 

Our picture of the month, graciously supplied by the Mancorialist, binds the extremes of life in the modern British city and frames them in the arches of the Town Hall Extension. 

Here we have love and marriage and, presumably, hearth and home, sharing poignant space with the opposite, homelessness, fatigue and a cold stone mattress. 

Picture Of The Month February Whole Picture
The Town Hall Extension and competing emotions Image: The Mancorialist

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