Be the first to taste the new dishes on the menu

Noi Quattro in the Northern Quarter (NQ, NQ, geddit) is well-known for the quality of their dough by connoisseurs. After all, it is slow-fermented and left to prove and improve for a complete day. The rest of us just recognise an amazing pizza when we eat one.

 So it’s pretty exciting that Noi Quattro have some tempting new dough-based additions to their menu.

 Panuozzo is like the answer to the question, “when is a sandwich not a sandwich?’ When it’s this good. The classic from Campania is made with the famed pizza dough and filled with roasted ham, smoked scamorza cheese, mushrooms and parmesan then topped with a bit more cheesy goodness. It is meltingly glorious and every single calorie more than earns its place.

Jan 2019 Pics

There are also a couple of new pizzas – Ciurillo and Casereccia. Ciurilla is topped with fennel salami, ricotta and courgette flowers. It has a lightness to it that’s rare to find on a 12”. The Casareccia is made with Italian sausage, roasted potato and smoked scamorza cheese.

 Dough is also an integral part of the new dessert, Montanarine Dolci. Eight sweet fried dough bites are topped with two traditional creams; dark chocolate and pistachio.

 As well as the doughy delights, Noi Quattro have also introduced Tagliere Misto, a platter of Italian cold cuts and cheeses which is perfect with a glass (a bottle) of Gavi. Or, ward off the cold with a Vin Brulé. 

 With these new additions to the menu, you could find a new favourite.

Find Noi Quattro at 120 High St, Manchester M4 1HQ and click here to view the menu.