You’ve 16 to choose from if you don’t mind driving

March saw the arrival of the new 2023 Michelin restaurant awards meaning the fine-dining offerings in and around Greater Manchester got better. Well, according to Michelin and all its self-reverential gorgeousness. 

If you don’t mind driving for an hour or so, then buckle up - there’s a whopping 16 starred restaurants on our list for you to choose from. has pulled together all the Michelin Star restaurants that you can visit on a day-out from Manchester, including two new restaurants for 2023. Read our guide: Michelin Star restaurants within 2 hours of Manchester

Main image: Confidentials

2023 04 04 Where The Light Gets In
Just look at this beautiful plate from Stockport restaurant, Where the Light Gets In, who have a green Michelin Star for their conscious efforts to be sustainable. Confidentials