Masterchef Champion Simon Wood has branched out into the world of home delivery

Missing your MasterChef fix already? Then you might be thrilled by the news that Manchester’s very own 2015 MasterChef champion Simon Wood has started a delivery service from his acclaimed WOOD restaurant. 

There are sides, wine and Simon’s own ​WOODkraft​ beer available to add on to your order too

That’s right, you can get everything from Simon Wood's 82°C belly pork starter, to the MasterChef-winning ‘Tutti Frutti’ lemon posset dessert delivered to your door. There’s even the option to order that mammoth, chargrilled sharing steak of Tomahawk Tuesdays fame - memories of which leave us a bit misty-eyed if we’re honest. 

2020 04 29 Wood Steak

Even more exciting for some, this is not just takeaway food delivered lukewarm to your door in sweaty tupperware, but top-quality chef-prepped ingredients ready to finish in your kitchen for a true restaurant-style experience. Just log-on to the WOOD website to place your order and, with very little effort, you'll get a taste of fine dining cooked to perfection by the 'masterchef' of your household. All you need to do is light some candles and dust off your Foo Fighters records and it'll feel exactly like you’re dining at WOOD.

Former data manager Simon started cooking when he could ‘reach the top of an oven.’ At eight years old, he won a competition to be anything for a day and he chose to be a chef - you could say it was always in his roots. But having started a family relatively young and needed to hold down steady jobs to pay the bills, he put his dreams of professional cookery on the back burner until the opportunity to take part in MasterChef completely changed his life. 

WOOD restaurant has been a popular choice for date night and special occasions for Mancunians since it opened in September 2017. The restaurant group has since expanded to include Chester and Cheltenham.

2020 04 29 Wood Tutti Frutti

The punishing hours involved in professional kitchen work and running a small business are well documented. So, like many who have been affected by the hospitality shutdown due to COVID-19, Wood has found it hard to sit still. He’s been entertaining his social media fans with recipes for family dishes like a meat and potato plate pie as well as his take on, er, culinary classics like Big Mac sauce. Simon’s recipe videos can be found on Instagram or on Twitter.

Delivery is available on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and can be pre-ordered now for next weekend. The damage is £25 per person for three restaurant-standard courses. There are sides, wine and Simon’s own WOODkraft beer available to add on to your order too.

All deliveries, available across Greater Manchester and Cheshire, are contactless and left on the doorstep. Orders should be made at least 24 hours in advance via the Wood Manchester website.

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