Owners say the space no longer works as a permanent street food destination

MANCHESTER street food collective, Beat Street, have announced the winding up of permanent operations at Great Northern Warehouse on Deansgate.

Launched in July 2016, the multi-unit destination featured numerous street food diners, bars and event spaces – including recently launched blues ‘n’ booze venue, Bunny Jackson’s Juke Joint.

However, a slow patch during the colder months has forced owners – who also run Junkyard Golf Club in Piccadilly and Shoreditch - to reassess the previously untapped space on Deansgate Mews.

Director Chris Legh said: “After seven months of running Beat Street in this way, we have realised that this style of space and location lends itself much better to creative, one-off events, or a series of events, rather than a permanent street food venue.

“We are going back to the roots of Beat Street, where we ran a full-time programme of events, collaborating with brands such as House of Vans, Red Bull Academy and some of Manchester's leading corporates, and also where we started Junkyard Golf Club.

“We have built an incredible space here and we are looking forward to opening it up for all sorts of exciting events.”

B.Eat Street are remaining tight-lipped about the rumoured resurrection of Friday Food Fight

Director Mat Lake said: “This is a new beginning for the street and one we are really excited about. While we get the new model up and running we are working closely with affected staff members to find alternative roles within the other businesses we are involved in.

“We would also like to thank the food traders for their hard work over the last seven months and we hope to have them back for future projects.”

Despite the closures, Legh says they've got 'loads planned' for the future, and remained tight-lipped about the rumoured resurrection of the city's hugely popular Friday Food Fight events, which saw tens of thousands of people packed into unused, post-industrial spaces, such as Campfield Market and Brownsfield Mill, for a series of one-off 'food raves'.

B.Eat Street will close to the general public from Monday 30 January.