Tiers for beers but Manchester is still fighting

This week, Andy Burnham took to the streets to explain why he was asking for more money from the government, saying: 

"Businesses are on the brink of closure. To increase restrictions would be certain to increase poverty. People working in pubs, driving taxis [are] too often forgotten by those in power. This city region has never walked on by and it never will. 

"We made a commitment that we would look out for those people and stand up for what is right. It can’t be right to close somebody’s place of work without giving them proper support so they can look after themselves and their families through a challenging winter that lies ahead."

2020 10 21 Burnham Smart Phone

...and the internet crowned him King Of The North. 

But Tier 3 was imposed on our city anyway, continuing to cripple the hospitality industry - particularly small, independent pubs and bars - with a lack of evidence that these places actually contribute very much at all to the spread of the virus. Now, unless a business is serving 'a substantial meal' alongside any alcohol, it must close. There have already been - hopefully only temporary - casualties and we are not making light of that. If you're in a position to do so, as always we encourage you to support your independent businesses across all sectors.

However, Manchester is known for its sense of humour and innovation in times of challenge. Here are some of our favourite responses to this week's news. 

This NQ favourite is offering a 'breakfast tasting menu' so drinkers can accompany each pint with part of a substantial meal that can, if you like, be stretched out over an 8 hour session. Is it for real? Probably not, but it's funny.

A few people have done this kind of post now but we reckon Grub was first. For small independent bars that want to stay open, they can provide a street food cart that will serve a substantial meal with your drink. 

Common Bar immediately changed its name to Common Pizza Restaurant - and damn fine pizza it is too. 

If you're going to use a discount code, make it one that tells it as it is.

Not the Ivy? That's a selling point for us...(read our review)

You've gotta do what you've gotta do.

Yes, it's Common again but they are winning at Twitter at the mo. 

🍔 WERE ALL IN TIERS HERE 🍔 Our massive cock burger- the only 3 tiers we want and need 👊🏼 We’re still open - pop in and say hi 👋 #thehomeofbuttermilkfriedchicken #mcr #nq #mcreats #massivecock #supportlocal
Posted by Yard & Coop on Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Never mind the massive cocks in Westminster, this one is much more appealing. (The Massive Cock burger is a real thing... and available in Manchester)