A special tribute at the front of the parade on Sunday 18 June will honour all those affected, and the heroic efforts of the emergency services

Manchester Day will honour those who lost their lives in the arena, their families, and those who were injured when it returns on Sunday 18 June.

The special tribute, located at the front of the Abracadabra-themed parade, will also remember the heroic efforts of the emergency services who worked tirelessly in the hours and days after the attack.

Lord Mayor of Manchester, Cllr Eddy Newman, and Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, will join Chair of Manchester Day, Cllr Pat Karney, in marching before the elaborate artworks that make Manchester Day one of the spectacles of the summer.

Now in its eighth year, the annual event - co-produced by outdoor arts organisation Walk the Plank - encapsulates the city’s pride, diversity, community spirit, strength and solidarity. Once again, 2,000 people from community groups across the region will parade through the city centre in a celebration of Manchester people and their shared history - regardless of background, belief or religion.

Organisers are still looking for volunteers of all ages to help on different aspects of the event, which additionally sees happenings throughout the city: anyone interested in taking part can find out more on the website. No experience is required, just a willingness to be part of a ‘can-do’ team of volunteers.  

Cllr Pat Karney, Chair of Manchester Day, said: “Manchester Day will show the city’s resilience and collective spirit where people come together to celebrate a shared love for our city.

“Our thoughts remain with the families of those who lost their lives last week - as well as those who were injured - and we believe it is important that Manchester Day pays tribute.

“We know thousands of people will come out to on Sunday 18 June and we look forward to seeing you for an incredible day of celebration.”

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, said: "It's right and fitting that Manchester Day is devoted to those who lost their lives and those that continue to live with the aftermath of last week's attack.

"It will also give us all an opportunity to pay tribute to our heroic public servants and celebrate the incredible Manchester spirit that has sustained us all through these dark days."

Manchester Day 2017 takes place on Sunday 18 June, noon until 6pm. The parade begins on Liverpool Road at 1pm.