No new Manchester winners at Michelin awards with Ancoats spot holding onto star

Mana has retained its Michelin Star following a night of disappointment for the city's other hopeful restaurants. 

The Michelin Ceremony, held at The Midland Hotel this evening (5 February) was awash with speculation of a coveted star being bestowed on a new restaurant from the city. 

But it was not to be. 

Michelin One Star Winners
The winners at The Michelin Guide Ceremony 2024, held at The Midland Hotel Image: Confidentials

Mana retained the star it was awarded back in 2019, while the likes of Adam Reid at The French, Erst and Stockport's Where The Light Gets In were left empty-handed.

Further afield, Lake Road Kitchen in Ambleside won its first star, while L'Enclume's Valentin Mouillard won the Sommelier Award.

Mana retained their one star, while Where The Light Gets In retained its Green Star.

While it may come as a disappointment to many hoping Manchester could build on its ever-growing culinary reputation, there's always next year.

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