Owner Nico Pasquali says he has been served notice by the landlord

Sad news as Confidential has word that award-winning Italian cafe, Lupo, is to close in a few weeks' time.

Roman-born owner Nico Pasquali - who opened the Chapel Street coffeehouse on a shoestring in 2015 and went on to be crowned the 'Best Coffee Bar' in the city - said he was not closing 'out of choice', but because the landlord had served him notice.

Pasquali wrote on Lupo's website: 'We’ve done everything within our legal power to stay open for as long as possible. As it stands, we have no idea what the landlord is planning to do with the space. Sorry. I appreciate this doesn't tell you much. What I can tell you is I have lots of thanks to give. And that Lupo has plans in the pipeline.'

Pasquali goes on to say that he is looking for a new space nearby and is also in talks to open a shop elsewhere.

In bocca al lupo, Nico, memories of your world-beating Tiramisu and beautiful Parmigiana di Zucchine shall live long on Confidential's collective tongue.

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Owner Nico Pasquali opened Lupo in 2015
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Lupo's world-beating Tiramisu