Go on holiday while you’re still at work

MIDDAY, and Veeno is the place to go. The Italian wine bar does authentic to a T, so they’ve decided to make like their friends and family back in Sicily and introduce Manchester to the importance of having a decent midday meal. No grab and go soggy sandwiches at your desk or hand food on the hoof; Veeno are encouraging us to sit down with a proper knife and fork and a plate of food and a drink.

2019 07 12 Veeno Lunch 3

To help you lunch like you mean it, the Veeno team have put together a special midday menu served Monday to Friday until 4pm. And for every dish you order, they’ll throw in a free drink: a small glass of Veeno’s own family-produced Sicilian wine, white, red or rosé, half a pint of draught lager or any soft drink, your choice.

2019 07 12 Veeno Sandwich 1

Food-wise, you can choose from Veeno’s new handmade artisan pizzas, from a classic Margherita with fragrant fresh basil to a nduja number, with pizza plus a drink just a tenner. What’s more, everything else on the new midday menu is even better value for money, starting at just £5.50 for some of the salads and sandwiches on fresh ciabatta or focaccia (and not forgetting that complimentary beverage). The breads are packed with all kinds of goodies, including tuna and capers, pesto and grilled Mediterranean vegetables, and specially imported charcuterie, like Parma ham, salame Milano and speck, and artisan cheeses, like mozzarella, taleggio and even spicy Caciocavallo.

2019 07 12 Veeno Caponata 1

Caponata aubergine stew originating on the island of Sicily is £6.50 while hearty Italian plates like Lasagna, beef and veal Polpette meatballs and oven-baked Parmigiana di Melanzane are all £7.50, drink included. Now that’s one tasty deal…

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