Valentine’s Day fun at The Pen and Pencil

A night at The Pen and Pencil is always fun and Valentine’s Day is no exception. If you like our style (hey, thanks), our laid-back vibes and our imaginative but proper tasty food, chances are you’ll like it on Valentine’s Day.

There’s no need to bring out the violins and the cellophane-wrapped roses, because, quite frankly the cheese-o-meter alarm is sounding and real romance is genuine, based on things you actually like to do together. Like go to The Pen and Pencil, for example.

So for an evening that’s low on naff and high on good music, great food and, if you can persuade the right person to come along with you, sparkling company, better make it The Pen and Pencil this Valentine’s Day.

The menu is two courses for £15 and three courses for £20 with some extra-special £6 cocktails that the Pen and Pencil team will be rustling up.

2020 02 10 Pen And Pencil Cocktail 2

Steak and prawns are Valentine’s staples but done Pen and Pencil style, 6oz rump steak will be served with a crispy noodle-wrapped king prawn and served with a bed of creamy garlic mushrooms and spinach.

The roasted stacked root veg and goats cheese seeded parcel is a cheesy as Valentine’s Day should be – all the cheese should be on the plate, tasting heavenly. And it does.

Chocolate ganache is an oozy gooey way to finish but chocolate is a classic not a cliché and there’s no arguing with chocolate.

Leave the clichés in the card shops this Valentine’s Day and book The Pen and Pencil instead.