Remember to look at your partner not just the food

ACCORDING to Euripides, Greek playwright of ancient times: 'Where there is no wine, there is no love.'

We'd like to add, 'and no drunken texts and 3am kebabs' to that quote. But yeah, 'love' too.

Veeno, the gorgeous Italian wine cafe off Albert Square knows this well, so they're offering a bottle of their 'wine of love' with their Valentine's Menu.

Apparently, it's a very special bottle of white from their family vineyard in Sicily. And it goes really well with the stunning flavours of their three-course Valentine's Menu.

2020 02 03 Veeno Platter Wine Bottles

The menu starts with a glass of Valentine's red fizz on arrival, followed by sweet bruschetta to share. Then choose between their pizzas or their Grande Board. This is a generously laden sharing board featuring all their favourite cheeses and meats, all imported from hand-picked suppliers in Italy. With olives, warm, fresh bread and fruit too, it looks and tastes fantastic. End on their beautiful home-made strawberry tiramisu.

It's a simple but very tempting Valentine's menu. And the relaxed atmosphere in Veeno will make for a Valentine's celebration that doesn't feel too formal or forced.

If you and your partner love good wine and good Italian food, why not book your Valentine's meal here? The Valentine's menu is available from 13-16 February for just £69 per couple.

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