It may be plantain-based but there's a meaty version too - before you start

We’re only a week into the year and already the bad news is brutal - from the relentless pandemic, lockdown 3 (and all that comes with it) to a frightening escalation of events politically over the pond

This midwinter is one of the bleakest in memory. 

Switch up those vegan alternatives for beef and bacon, if you like

If you’ve succeeded in doing even the most menial of day to day tasks this year, you deserve a pat on the back. 

If you’ve managed a whole week of dry January or Veganuary, you can be very bloody proud of yourself indeed. 

If you’re still in a blanket burrito of denial and hibernation - we hear you. Do what you gotta do.

Look, we know a burger isn’t the answer to all the world’s problems - far from it - but sometimes getting hold of a bit of warm comfort food for minimal effort and sticking a funny movie on the telly can fire up a few of those happy chemicals we’re all badly in need of right now.

So news of a new limited edition burger from Honest fluttering into our inbox was a welcome relief from the perpetual breaking news doom.

Even better, you can enjoy it if you’re vegan - or doing Veganuary - or you can have it with all the bovine, bacony bulk you desire if that’s your preference.

2021 01 07 Honest Burger Dees Table
Dee's Table founder Denai Moore @myahismyname

With no sunshine on the cards for now, January’s Jamaican plant-based special - in association with Dee's Table, a London-based modern Jamaican restaurant from British-Jamaican artist and singer Denai Moore - might at least make you think of a palm-fringed beach. If you squint really hard, that powdery layer of snow outside your window could be sand, maybe.

The Tribute To Jamaica burger combines a plant-based patty with Dee's Table's apricot and scotch bonnet ketchup, THIS Isn’t bacon, vegan smoked gouda, plantain fritters, Jamaican curry ‘mayo’ and lettuce for £14.50. Switch up those vegan alternatives for beef and bacon, if you like. 

Treat yourself or someone you love, we need all the small pleasures we can get right now.

The Tribute To Jamaica burger is available for delivery until 1st February from your local Honest Burgers.