Plus sausage spinoffs, perfect pickles and chocolate cigars

How good is drinking pints and eating food inside, though? Like seriously.

What a difference a week makes. We’ve certainly been getting our indoor fill and we implore you to do the same. But friends, in the iconic words of the uncle of a youthful man spider, with great bookings, comes great responsibility. Don’t be a no-show nob-head. If you can’t make a booking let the right people know. Nudges aside, release the content.

Scroll on for our weekly round-up of filthy, funny, and full-fat social media content from Manchester's food and drink scene.

Cocktails worth fighting for?

Now, we're not saying it was the high sugar content in the cocktails that led to the over-excitement this weekend at Boujee nor was it a scrap for the last candy floss-topped flute, but is there a coincidence there? Probably not. Bouncers, eh.

Pleat, pleat, repeat

We’re not sure about you but every time a post from Oh Mei Dumpling comes up on our timeline we whisper a little "Yas kween" under our breath. So much positive energy, so much empowerment, so many perfect little dumplings. It’s a vibe we’re here for. Slay.

A story in two parts

Oscar-worthy levels of performance in this simple, but heart-wrenching Didsbury-based tale of love, loss and (after zooming in) what looks like a bottle of 2020 Solara from Romania. Reserve Wines are also bringing the knowledge, with a little titbit we’re going to pass off as our own the next time we go to a tasting.

New levels of brand(ed) awareness

Don’t try this at home kids. Or do. You're an adult. You can do what you want. If you want to get the logo of a bar tattooed on your arm you should do it. In fact, more people should be doing it. It should be company policy. No tattoo no entry. Sorry mate, you’re not coming in. You might even get a free pint. Branded merch is so yesterday. It’s time to get inked.

Big pickle energy

Is there such a thing as a pickle masterpiece? A pickle tour-de-force? Dare we say it, a pickle of perfection? The Sparrows are staking a claim with this dazzling green specimen. Not just any old salt either, Adriatic salt. We’ve never yearned so much for a pickle.

We know just what you’re drinking

Two standout pieces of green content this week. The aforementioned pickle and now this vibrant tipple from arch-itectural wonder, Three Little Words. It’s the tarragon and Green Chartreuse that gives the Don’t Speak cocktail that vivid colour. Those salt and pepper chips with hoisin mayo in the background haven’t gone unnoticed either.

I, Robot: deleted scene edition

If you’re already bricking it at the thought of our future robot overlords, look away now. Chorlton Cheesemongers shared some terrifying footage of our AI future last week and the implications have left us shooketh. Look at that robotic nutcase flip those cheeses. How’re we meant to compete with that? Nobody is safe.

Smiles all round

As if we were living in some sort of live-action Disney cartoon, even the flowers were happy about indoor dining opening up this week. This smiley chap was sitting atop Delhi House Café’s Palak Patta Chaat, overlooking battered spinach leaves with mint, tamarind and yoghurt chutney. Good vibes only.

Hands up if you’ve got those plates

Guilty. You can’t beat a chippy dinner on a Värdera from IKEA (£2.50) and a great smashing option for Greek weddings. Not necessarily an entertaining plate but a solid back-of-the-cupboard-just-in-case plate. A friend of the late-night cheese on toast plate. Plate chat aside, that’s an enticing selection from The Hip Hop Chippy. We can hear the crunch of batter from here.

Exose Grant: The Greatest Hits Collection

Serious album cover vibes here from Exose Grant. A presentation that’s smooth to the point of being sultry, all atmospheric smoke and zoning in on the goods. If this is the way it’s presented at the table, we’re in. That said, if it came in a cardboard box we’d be in. Just let us have one already.

Sausage spinoffs

Come for the sausages, stay for the burgers. That’s the latest from Hatch and Box on the Docks regulars Grandad’s Sausages who’ve branched off into the fierce world of burgers. The wonderfully alliterate Bernard’s Burgers promises the same level of meat mastery but in a flatter, more circular form leading to all sorts of brioche and cheese opportunities. Grandad would be proud.

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