Plus posh hotdogs, spicy Sunday roasts and more yolk porn

Last week was all about bevving it up all around town (in a socially responsible manner). This week, unsurprisingly, our thoughts have turned to hangover cures in the form of big breakfasts, roast dinners and cans of fizzy pop. Luckily our food and drink heroes provide the cure as well as the poison.

Scroll on for our weekly round-up of full-fat social media content from Manchester's food and drink scene. 

Where's Bernie?

We do try not to include Common in this roundup every week but they just keep coming up with the gold. It was great to be back out and about enjoying Manchester's trestle tables last week. Let's hope the good vibes and sun continue.

Pasta masters

We enjoyed this mesmerising and satisfying video of pasta spirals from inside the pasta factory

Egg shell blue 

Possibly the most aesthetically pleasing egg haul we've seen. Kat Wood's lovely photo of some of the farm eggs (from Copper Marans, Cheshire Blues, geese, ducks, Silkies and Japanese quails) on sale at Where The Light Gets In's provisions store had us scrolling back for another gander. 

The hottest dog

From eggs to sausages, WTLGI is bossing all the breakfast components. Souped-up hot dogs like this are available for takeaway from the Stockport restaurant on Saturdays in April. 


A can (or two) of full-sugar Irn Bru is a sure-fire hangover cure. But if your style is more hair of the dog, you might like the look of this inspired cocktail from Scottish-Indian restaurant Roti in Chorlton.

Yolk of the week

Ever had a Sri Lankan egg hopper? Well, now you can in the North West thanks to Manchester pop-up Archichi's, a very exciting one that launched during the 2020 lockdown. They've been popping and hopping up all over the show with much more to come from them as restrictions ease. 

Jammy bastards

Another factory video cos we can't get enough of them. Who doesn't want to watch jammy dodgers being pulverised? Especially when the result is a cake as pretty as this.

Oh Krums

We had the pleasure of scoffing some of Krum's finest doughnuts over at Freight Island last year and can confirm they're very good indeed. This latest creation is a brioche ring, soaked in rum and vanilla and served with yoghurt and mixed berry compote. We need it in our lives right now.

Sunday spice

Zouk's Sunday roasts are back and are exactly what you need to revive your after a week of boozing around town. It's good to be back, Manchester.

Lasagna man

Finally, if a big bubbling vat of lasagne doesn't grab you (or cure your hangover) then you're a lost cause. Looking forward to grabbing a slab from peripheralAncoats newbie Lazy Tony's pronto.