Five cocktails, five gins, a whopping feed and a ‘posh minibus to Gintopia’

Gin, most definitely, is in.

New distilleries are springing up faster than you can say ‘mother’s ruin’ while sales of the fashionable tipple are smashing records  - with UK sales hitting a record 51m bottles last year.

But the Gin Journey has been hosting tours based around this jolly juniper juice long before its recent renaissance. Launched in 2013 by the ‘Gin Boss’ Leon Dalloway - a self-styled ‘booze-loving and knowledge-thirsty’ former bartender - the company now escorts thirsty ginthusiasts round Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, London and even Singapore.

Locations will remain top secret until a week before the event

In Gin Journey’s words, tours include ‘five samples of gin, five cocktails, a chauffeured drive from bar to bar, no hangover (at least, when sticking to the prescription of your Gin Guardian) and a ridiculous amount of fun.’ While quaffing said gin, you’ll also learn about its fascinating history (did you know there were actual gin riots in the 1730s?), as our L’Oreal Blackett found out.

Now, to celebrate the upcoming World Gin Day on Saturday 9 June, the Gin Journey guys are going one better next month - with the addition of brunch.    

2018 05 15 Gin Journey 3
‘Gin and Juice Jonno’ tucks into one of Eat New York’s legendary bagels... and one or two gins

Gin Journey Brunch Manchester promises all the usual drinks-wise, as well as brunch nibbles and a big plate of ballast at bagel champs Eat New York. Not to mention the company of host/actor/Walker's crisps model, ‘Gin and Juice Jonno’.

Locations will remain top secret until a week before the event, but previous excursions have spanned Manchester favourites from Home Sweet Home to Hawksmoor, so expect variety and a lively Sunday afternoon... who needs Monday morning anyway?

The Gin Journey Brunch takes place on Sunday 10 June and we’ve heard that they are close to selling out - grab yours’ sharpish at

Two more dates now available on 22 July and 12 August