Hugely successful sourdough pizza chain plans to open first northern outpost

Confidential has received word that Franco Manca - the hugely successful pizza chain founded in Brixton Market in 2008 - is opening its first northern branch in Manchester.

The Neapolitan sourdough pizza group, which has over 40 restaurants across the UK (mostly in London), is remaining tight-lipped about the details, but has confirmed that a Manchester restaurant is "coming soon" - with an opening expected later this year.

The low-cost chain offers a daily menu of six pizzas, starting from just £5, plus one special, their 'No.7', this month featuring Yorkshire fennel sausage (£8.75). Their menu also features a few 'bites to share' (olives, cured meats and what not), a handful of salads and 'Post Pizzas' (desserts to you and me).

Confidential is also intrigued by the no nonsense 'No Logo Lager' (£3.85) and can see ourselves getting stuck into the Negronis at £5.50 a pop.

Franco Manca Pizza
Franco Manca first opened on Brixton Market in 2008 - the chain now has over 40 restaurants across the UK

Despite the many challenges facing casual dining chains (see Byron, Jamie Oliver, Giraffe etc) restaurant investment company Fulham Shore, which owns Franco Manca (as well as The Real Greek), has pledged to open new branches across the UK in 2019/20, with plans for sites in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Birmingham.

But will Franco Manca be able to carve a slice out of the pizza market in a city so fiercely proud of its own pizza pioneers and pushers? Who knows. For the time being, sate yourself with our recent guide to the best places to eat pizza in and around Manchester. 

We'll give you more info on Franco Manca as we get it.

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