Local chefs Julian Pizer and Max Yorke bring brunch, lunch and casual dining to Deansgate Mews

The tiny 3 Hands Deli on the upper level of Great Northern Warehouse was a saviour for many during lockdown. Squeezed into a micro-unit on Deansgate Mews with the folks at Holy Grain Sourdough bakery (who supply some of the city’s favourite restaurants with their sourdough bakes), the team at 3 Hands Deli created toasties so cheesy and comforting that they even had Gordo hooked.

Fast forward one and a half years and cheesy dreams have become a reality. 3 Hands Deli as we know it has now gone, replaced with a stylish and charming restaurant just two doors down. 

When there is a protein on our dishes, it’ll be a necessity, rather than being the main show

With quite some experience behind chefs Julian Pizer and Max Yorke - including time spent at Cottonopolis, The Edinburgh Castle and Hispi - this next step was almost inevitable.

“We were offered the space in February 2021 and got the keys in July - we’ve been working on the space since then,” they tell me.

Another Hand has practically been built by the team. You might have seen photos of them making the tables by hand in Sowerby Bridge.

The interior is now slick and light with brightly coloured orange booth-style seating that Julian’s daughter chose from the sample book. Perhaps the talented young lady has a career as a designer because it fits beautifully with the exposed brick and industrial look of the Great Northern Warehouse and compliments the green tiles of the open kitchen perfectly.

Slick Interiors At Another Hand Restaurant Deasgate Mews
Striking photography on display by new staff member Rebecca Image: Confidentials
The Team Stand Beside The Open Kitchen At Another Hand Restaurant Deansgate Mews
Stylish green tiles in the open kitchen at Another Hand Image: Confidentials

A new breakfast and brunch menu will be served from 8.30 am to 3 pm. From eggs served any way you like, served on Holy Grain sourdough bread, to a steak sandwich with aged Cheddar cheese and beer mustard with a perfectly runny fried egg balanced on top.

Try homemade granola with local honey, smoked fish served with a delightfully crisp potato rosti or even toffee stone fruits with brioche ricotta and white chocolate.

Wild Mushroom Hazelnut Sherry Pine At Another Hand
Wild mushrooms on the brunch menu at Another Hand Image: Confidentials
Steak Sandwich On The Brunch Menu At Another Hand Restaurant
Steak, onion and aged Cheddar sandwich on the brunch menu at Another Hand Image: Confidentials

In the coming weeks, the team will begin to introduce an evening offering from 5pm.

The menu will be a tribute to local suppliers “It’s based completely around the gardens that we’re using,” Julian tells me, “Cinderwood Market Garden and Platt Fields Market Garden are based within about 50 miles of the restaurant.”

“Meat all comes from Littlewoods Butchers, and our fish guys supply the likes of Moor Hall and Mana.”

The evening offering will be all about that local veg and doing as little to it as possible.

“When there is a protein on our dishes, it’ll be a necessity, rather than being the main show.”

Wine Bottles On Shelves Around Another Hand Restaurant
Wine bottles line the walls of the new restaurant on Deansgate Mews Image: Confidentials

You’ll notice that the walls of the restaurant are lined with wine bottles - mostly of the natural, organic and biodynamic variety - Manchester is certainly embracing that “funky town” title after many years on the fence.

“It’s not a big wine menu, just carefully curated with a mixture from all over the world that we’ve tasted over the last couple of years that we just love with food. From light, juicy reds to heavy Grenaches and Riojas, to some amazing New Zealand and Australian Rieslings. There are also a couple of amazing German and Slovenian roses and oranges - just the ones we wanted to share with amazing food.”

Lamb Merguez Grilled Sandwich From Another Hand
Lamb merguez with minted peas and zuni pickle on the grilled sandwich menu at Another Hand Image: Another Hand

And don’t worry, the legendary toasties will still be around at lunchtime too. From 10.30 am, you’ll be able to actually sit down to eat your grilled sarnies. Fom lamb merguez to smoked beef with fennel and sauerkraut. There’s a reason people queue down the street for them.

Another Hand is now open 8.30 am - 4 pm for brunch and lunch Wednesday - Saturday. 9.30 - 4 pm on Sundays. 

Another Hand's evening menu will be available 5pm - 11pm Wednesday - Saturday and the first service will be Thursday 11 March.

Best of luck to Julian, Max and the whole team from Confidentials.

Another Hand, Deansgate Mews, Manchester M3 4EN

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