JUST when you thought your beauty cabinet couldn’t hold anymore products, Show Beauty, the brand launched by British socialite Tamara Ecclestone, comes up with a glitzy new bottle supposedly containing hair fragrance.

Hair fragrance? Come again?

The concept of perfume specifically for hair may be somewhat laughable. Granted we’re convinced by adverts that we need a separate cream for every single section of our bodies, but when it comes to scent surely it’s one spritz fits all?

Tamar Ecclestone's hair smells of ShowTamar Ecclestone's hair smells of Show

Show Beauty’s USP, according to the hair fragrance packaging is, ‘lush rose water combined with the lightest notes of coconut milk, caramel and almond butter, with a background of Madagascar vanilla, sensual patchouli and soft white musk.

Sensual to some, sickly to others, it’s certainly an acquired smell far more weighty than the hint of Timotei conditioner your nose is used to.

A spritz of your normal perfume on each wrist, neck and in your hair never did anyone any harm and will certsianly save you £55 for Tamara’s bottle which seems, quite frankly, all show. That said, Show Beauty's finishing spray at £30, not only smells just like the hair fragrance, but also serves the purpose of hold your hair just as you want it. 

Feeling frivolous? Get your bottle of Show Beauty decadence hair fragrance (30ml) from Selfridges or, better yet, get Show Beauty's finishing spray (255ml)