The brains behind Flight Club are bringing their new offering to the bustling party street

The business behind the dart-throwing, pint-slinging, multiplayer social darts venue Flight Club are bringing their latest games offering to the city.  Trading dart boards for shuffleboards, Red Engine will soon be opening their newest leisure venue - Electric Shuffle Manchester - in the ground floor of 201 Deansgate. This was formerly Evans Cycles. 

The venue is expected to provide indoor leisure activities including shuffleboard (hence the name) as well as food and drink. The license application states that alcohol can be served on the premises between 11:00-12:00AM Sunday to Thursday and 11:00-1:00AM Friday to Saturday.

2023 08 23 Electric Shuffle License
The license application for Electric Shuffle on Deansgate Image: Confidentials

The co-founders of Red Engine built their brand from their garden shed, after catching up in a pub and spotting a crowd of young adults going mental over a game of darts in the corner. 

Born in 2013, Flight Club gave the pair the chance to share the ‘warmth and nostalgia’ of traditional British pubs with the high energy and enthralling atmosphere of social darts. After calling in favours, roping in old school friends, and throwing a million test darts (literally), the pair launched their first official site in Shoreditch in 2015 and have continued to grow ever since. 

Electric Shuffle now has established sites in London and Leeds, as well as in Austin and Dallas in the US, with a branch in New York City expected for 2024.

Here's a peak at what Manchester's Electric Shuffle could look like based on the London site.

2023 08 23 Electric Shuffle 1
Inside Electric Shuffle London Image: Electric Shuffle
2023 08 23 Electric Shuffle London 2
The bar at Electric Shuffle London Image: Electric Shuffle
2023 08 23 Electric Shuffle London
Cocktails from Electric Shuffle London Image: Electric Shuffle

This isn’t your average sand-scattered shuffleboard, however. Each shuffleboard can accommodate groups of up to 20 players with the intention of making it a popular destination for birthday celebrations and work nights out. Guests can also order their food and drink from their board. 

The new venue will reinforce the Deansgate/Peter Street/Quay Street area of the city as Manchester's biggest mainstream going out area. 

Steve Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of Red Engine says: “We’ve absolutely loved being a part of the Manchester hospitality scene since we opened the doors to Flight Club in 2018 and are really excited at the prospect of bringing our sister brand Electric Shuffle to Deansgate. It’s very early stages in our plans, but we’re hoping for a 2024 launch and can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on.”

Exact opening dates are yet to be confirmed. Keep your eyes on our website for more updates.

Electric Shuffle, 201 Deansgate, Manchester M3 3NW

A look inside Electric Shuffle Leeds - click the video below.

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