Harley Young attends DNA VR’s launch party and discovers more about Manchester’s brand new virtual reality gaming spot

Ever wondered what it would be like to be chased by hoards of zombies? You probably have - especially if you’ve ended up hooked on The Last of Us following its TV debut earlier this year.

Well, thanks to DNA VR touching down slap bang in the centre of Manchester on Brown Street, now you can. (Virtually, of course.)

It’s easy to forget that it’s not real - especially when you’re fighting off an onslaught of zombies that are crowding your ankles

Dna Vr Venue 3 2
The Premium free-roam room - move freely amongst friends. Image: DNA VR

The successful launch of DNA VR’s London-based site saw their latest virtual gaming offering arrive in Manchester last week. It’s currently the only DNA VR site outside of the capital, and it’s right here in the heart of the North.

On entering the venue, you’re greeted by a steely grey interior, complete with bar and waiting area. The space is decorated with pink neon logos, fluorescent tube lights that guide you down to each gaming room, and a handful of screens that show you various clips of the kind of gameplay that’s in store. 

Whether you’re into horror, fantasy, combat or puzzle games, DNA VR has it all. There’s games to suit all ages from seven and up and the screen quality is so spot on that it’s easy to forget that it’s not real - especially when you’re fighting off an onslaught of zombies that are crowding your ankles. 

DNA VR’s tech is state of the art, reliable and, most of all, comfortable. Every session, your ‘VR Master’ will adjust your headset accordingly, making sure it’s comfortable and you’re ready to get your game face on. 

Guests Playing At Dna Vr 4
There's a game for everything, from archery to shooting to puzzle solving and more. Image: DNA VR

They’ll give you a quick tutorial on how to play the games you’ve chosen and you’ll be able to interact with your gaming party using the headset and mic - just be sure to stay within the blue lines to avoid bumping into any walls. If you get stuck, need some tips, or just want to take five, your VR Master will be on hand, acting as your eyes and ears should you need them to.

Whether you’re riding solo, gaming in pairs, or taking on opponents head-first, you can solve crimes, kill zombies and beat records with a Premium free-roaming session. 

Even if you think VR isn’t ‘your thing’, you’ll be surprised - trust us. Within a few minutes you’ll be sucked into an immersive session that you won’t want to finish. 

If, like us, you just can’t get enough, DNA VR has a loyalty scheme so you can rack up points and exchange them for Customer Credits, equalling discounts on your future sessions.  Gaming slots are available to book now. Use the discount code MANCHESTER10 for 10% off your first booking.

Guests Playing At Dna Vr 5
Go head to head with friends in the free-roam space. Image: DNA VR