Harley Young goes starboard of the £600m cruise ship for a better look during the naming ceremony

The Cunard Line’s Queen Anne was officially given her name yesterday on Liverpool’s famous waterfront. Complete with the smashing of a magnum of champagne on the bow, and a live performance from legendary tenor Andrea Bocelli, thousands of people flocked to Pier Head to watch history in the making. 

The vessel, which weighs a whopping 113,000 tonnes and can host up to 3000 guests at a time, has recently taken her maiden voyage from Southampton, stopping off in Liverpool for its special naming ceremony which included a rendition of the national anthem from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

Crowds then came together to chant a speech wishing the vessel the best of luck on her onward journey. 

2024 06 03 Queen Anne Side
Queen Anne on Liverpool's waterfront Image: Confidentials
2024 06 03 Queen Anne Side 2
Queen Anne on Liverpool's waterfront Image: Confidentials
2024 06 03 Queen Anne Side 3
Queen Anne on Liverpool's waterfront Image: Confidentials

Spice Girl Mel C and BBC Radio Merseyside presenter Ngunan Adamu were amongst the five influential women chosen to pull a lever which released the bottle of champagne, sending it hurtling towards the front of the ship before making an almighty smash, which was met with cheers of elation. 

Aboard the media rib which pulled up alongside Queen Anne, I was able to take in her sheer magnitude. Her 14 decks towered above the river Mersey, dwarfing tour ferry The Snowdrop as it sailed by with wide-eyed passengers eager to snap a picture of the moment. 

2024 06 03 Queen Anne Magnum
The magnum ready to go Image: Confidentials

If you think the exterior of Queen Anne looks flash, wait until you step inside. To name but a few of her features, there’s a variety of high-end dining halls and restaurants, an onboard spa, shopping galleries, a visually jaw dropping grand lobby, and all the amenities are state-of-the-art. 

Probably the most unique feature is Queen Anne’s ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ - a one-of-a-kind rotunda gallery showcasing a 360 degree display of collectables, jewellery, fashion and art alongside never-before-seen items from the Cunard archives. Those who love maritime history and the Cunard brand will adore this eclectic collection of curated products, artefacts and treasures. 

2024 06 03 Queen Anne Cabinet Of Curiosities
Cabinet of Curiosities Image: Cunard

If you’re interested in joining Queen Anne as she journeys across Europe, the Mediterranean  and beyond, visit the Cunard website for more information on departures and deals. 

Watch the video of Queen Anne on Liverpool’s waterfront below.

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