Brasserie chain closing Manchester restaurant in early February

The scythe is swinging with worrying regularity in Manchester's food and drink scene this month.

Cote Brasserie has become the latest restaurant to announce it is closing, with its final service taking place on 4 February. 

The French brasserie chain, with northern-based restaurants also in Liverpool, Chester and Harrogate, announced in July that it was closing its Glasgow site. 

The Manchester restaurant, on St Mary's Gate off Deansgate, will join an ever-growing list of restaurants to have closed this month.

January has already seen closure announcements from Northern Quarter stalwarts Cottonopolis and Black Dog Ballroom, as well as Greens, Simon Rimmer's long-standing vegetarian restaurant in Didsbury. Add to that the shutting down of Revolution in Wilmslow and the shaky economic ground food and drink finds itself in becomes apparent. 

While livelihoods lost is never good news, this spate of closures sets a worrying precedent for 2024. 

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